Random Wednesday: My Writing Space – Reality vs Ideal

My Neighbor Totoro

This is my reality and my ideal writing space.

Where I live the windows are not open this time of year and the sun is barely shining. Perhaps having nice weather would take my reality to my ideal place at a minimum. I don’t usually write when my daughter is awake only because I enjoy playing too much. I write in the early hours in the morning, my afternoon lunch breaks, and after my daughter goes to sleep at night. But, on the occasion that I write when she is awake, I enjoy her curiosity and how she includes me in her imaginary travels, sneaking me tea cups from her play set and plastic hamburger patties.

Just for the record, I do keep an eye on my daughter at all times and do not let her run off and take naps with Japanese woodland spirits. She needs to ask permission first.

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3 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: My Writing Space – Reality vs Ideal

  1. I miss having open windows. And sun. And tea parties. And playing with smalls. Also, have you ever noticed that parents in animes are wildly oblivious when it comes to their children wandering off into the forest. Mom in Wolf Children, I’m looking at you.


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