Random Wednesday: My Novel Movie – Dream Cast

My novel is not published but, my dear Sir Jim of Jimmingtonham – I assure you I am working on it so you can read it.

Birthday 2010 Misanthrope Costume
Jim is my beta reader. I particularly like Jim.

In other news, when I began my novel some time ago I started by getting to know my characters. This game of finding famous actors and actresses who reminded me of the characters I was creating is one I’ve played before. I also found this particularly helpful when describing to my husband the characters and the plot. Assigning real life actors and actresses gave him a visual and he would often respond with, “AH! Now I get it.”

Let us begin:

Main Male Protagonist: Professor Evan Murphy – Mark Ruffalo

A divorced professor who suffers from severe depression and has suicidal tendencies. His struggles are key to driving the novel.

Main Female Protagonist: Morgan Osmond-Carredine – Ellie Kemper

Morgan comes from a multi-marriage family. Due to her upbringing she decided to hold off on marriage but now feels she held off for too long and missed her opportunity. However, she isn’t quite sure that is a bad thing and maintains a happy, carefree lifestyle.

Supporting Character: Professor Whitney Vanderveen – Cameron Diaz

Prof. Evan Murphy’s ex-wife. My husband hates Cameron Diaz. Which is fine as you’re suppose to hate this character to a point.

Supporting Male Antagonist: Professor Aaron Vanderveen – Jason Bateman

Super likable guy and a popular professor. I’m just going to leave it there, I don’t want to reveal too much on this one. He is now married to Prof. Evan Murphy’s ex-wife and though they all work together on campus, he is a cool guy about it.

Supporting Character: Elise Merrifield – Julia Stiles

Morgan’s older half sister. Healthy lifestyle blogger and as Morgan believes, got all of their mother’s good genes. Her marriage however, is less than ideal but, she is often too proud to accept the less than fine aspects in life.

Supporting Male Antagonist: Joey Merrifield – John Krasinski

Elise husband and Morgan’s brother-in-law. Anyone who I’ve told about this character thinks this guy is a “bag of dicks” or a “douche canoe.” So why pick such a lovable actor? Because Joey is a good ol’boy kind of guy. Getting through life on who he knows rather than what he knows. Likable doesn’t necessarily mean good.

Supporting Female Antagonist: Robin Carredine – Kat Dennings

Morgan’s younger half sister. Two reasons Kat might be type cast if she were in this role. They are big reasons though -ahem- anyway, I’m not sure I would say she is idea but Robin is written as a heavier character. There are not a lot of actresses to choose from that fit her age range and physique.

Two key players I do not have a cast for are Prof. Evan’s children. His daughter Karen is 17 and an aspiring model which both Evan and Whitney support to different degrees and their son Chad who is about 21 and lives an artist life. Evan respects his son, Whitney thinks he is foolish and a waste.

There is my cast. But one step at a time. Still need to get a book out!

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Random Wednesday: Five Words or Less

This weeks topic is to describe yourself, your life, and your family in five words or less. Challenge accepted.

Myself: Slightly out of register.

I work in the printing profession and I’m using a play on terminology for this one.

My life: Let’s see what this does.

As an adult I question things less often. I no longer desire to know how high I can climb that tree or if I can do a backflip. The answer is still “no” on the last one. It’s going to stay that way.

And finally, my family: “What are doing?”

I never thought I would be the first name-middle name combo yelling parent but, all the time. All. The. Time.

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Song Prompt: Angels of Silence by Counting Crows

This prompt was a tough one. I’ve never heard the song before and though I’m familiar with Counting Crows I have not listened to them since, oh, 1993. But you know, I gave it a try and here is my attempt for a short story based and the song Angel of Silence.

I can’t say I’m unfamiliar with insomnia. Before he left, our fights would go on through the evenings. Why does he have to be gone each weekend, why does he want to watch TV alone, why does he busy himself to create distance between us? He never had the answers and I would push, he’d push back. This is when my nights became nothing more than laying awake, watching the clock numbers count away. Hoping he would climb in bed, say he was sorry. Hold me and tell me the cause of his distance was stress from work, feeling trapped from the long winter, or he has been feeling he needs a change whether we move to a new place or he picks up a new hobby. Whatever problem I could fantasize, I would spend hours coming up with a solution to solve them in a fictional world. Between the clock numbers and my imagination, had to lie the answers to fix our unhappiness. But he would only come to bed and sleep deeply as soon as his head hit the pillow. In his distance he was finding enough comfort to sleep where I could not.

Before long I had given him an ultimatum. He yelled and screamed. Threw my favorite mug into the floor and porcelain pieces fell to each edge of the kitchen. Never once did he apologize, tell me he loved me, or try to compromise. Instead he bullied me. Telling me I was unimportant, unappreciative, unsupportive, uncaring, and we had agreements together I was breaking, him being more concerned about the cell phone bill I had in my name than the fact I was giving him a month to move out of the apartment. That night he moved into the spare bedroom and I locked the door after he had taken the last of his things. There was no fooling him, he knew how to unlock the bedroom door from the other side but I felt better, more in control with a locked door.

This was the first time I saw the movements on the ceiling. I would watch them float and weave, their colors pearlescent. I thought perhaps it was from my tears built up in my swollen eyes. But they came again the next night and night after. I tried sleeping pills, anxiety pills, hot baths before bed, stretching techniques, reading books, anything to train my mind to slow down and fall asleep. Each night they were there. Watching me. Whispering to me in words I could not understand.

At months end he was gone. The apartment wasn’t as barren as I thought it should have been. I hadn’t realized how much we had built together over the years was simply me on my own all along. I dusted, burned the candles he always thought smelled too feminine for his taste and opened the bottle of red wine that had been sitting, waiting for the special occasion that never seemed to arrive. That night I left my bedroom door opened and wondered if the images would be gone tonight. Within a few hours they had appeared once again. Brighter than before. Their light made my head feel heavy and my eyes closed, shielding the sudden illumination. My body felt weightless. A voice whispered and for the first time I understood the words, “Why did you leave us until you’re only good for…” The rest I don’t remember because for the first time in a long time, I finally slept.


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Random Wednesday: Love at first sight? Soul mates? DESTINY!?

The topic for today: love stuffs, you believin’?

Do I believe love at first sight?

I do not believe in love at first sight. I’m trying to think of a creative way to elaborate on this but, it comes to be a struggle for me. If I think hard enough I can remember the first time I met most people I know. Whether it was because they commented on the shirt I was wearing or I pretended to get hit by an opening bathroom door to find an unsuspecting victim on the other side when I thought I was pulling a prank on someone else. FYI both stories are true. The last one happened a few months ago and the poor woman was so embarrassed because she really thought she hit me with a door. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I had smacked the door on purpose thinking I was scaring someone else. Either way, substitute an elderly woman with a hot single living in your area and you’ve got a love story to tell your grand kids. Does it really mean it was “love at first sight?” My answer is, no. It simply means doing stupid shit often leads to meeting new people and sometimes those people become friends or more.

Do I believe in soul mates?

Real email sent today from my husband:

<3=*  Just know that I love you while I am out killing monsters/hunters. You are my strength, my sword and shield.

My response back was:

Well, I’ll just take back what I said yesterday of how you are a dick, with a dick, in a dick, stuffed in a bag of dicks.

Context? Do you really need it? Okay. I honestly don’t remember what he said to me that I called him a load of dicks. I asked him when I informed him he would be in this blog, “What did you say to me again?” We both laughed and neither one of us remembered what he made fun of me for. I only remembered my response had him rolling in laughter in our kitchen as we chatted last night making brownies. His email was in response to him playing Evolved which was just released today and a pretty awesome looking game I might add. While he was playing he sent me random emails because he’s cute like that. Do I think we are soul mates? No. We are companions and friends first, always. I don’t think this makes us soul mates. We are very different people and have different personalities. Fairly certain he is the better half of the equation, I’m more of the abrasive type of individual where he is damn charming. See above.

Do I believe in destiny?

Another negative. As I’ve made decisions through my life, in regards to anything really, I will always stick by my decision. Does that mean “destiny” was at play? No. I’m just really stubborn. Perhaps my destiny was to be stubborn? No, I don’t believe that and I’m confident with this decision.

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Random Wednesday: Villains

This week the group is writing about favorite villains. I see no more reason for an introduction because HECK YEAH BAD GUYS! Let’s begin:

Bruce – Jaws

I can’t remember the first time I saw this movie. It’s simply been a legend and a part of my life from the beginning. I grew up in a boating family, where my friends went to their cabins or camping for the weekend, we spent time on our boat in a marina. It was more or less a floating cabin. My parent socialized with other boaters. My sisters and I sat, bored off our butts, on a boat. Imagination running wild, I often found myself sitting in the captain chair thinking to myself, “You know what we really need around here? A shark.” I mean, if I was going to be eaten alive, I would prefer death from the several rows of serrated teeth then being gummed to death from boredom.

Bruce 2 – Jaws 2

You know what is scarier than a great white? A great white with facial burns that attacks helicopters. This is the next level of badassery but, wait…

Bruce 3 – Jaws 3D

Jaws 3 was in 3D PEOPLE! SHIT JUST GOT REAL! Do you feel that? It’s the spray of broken glass in your face.

… and it’s not over.

Bruce 4 – Jaws: The Revenge

Just look at that breach! No one is safe. 

No – one.

Bruce? You’re not Bruce – Katy Perry Superbowl Half Time

The ultimate villain of the internet. For the next week or so. Eventually this whole thing will blow over but until then, this little shark guy is going to be an annoying pain in the ass.

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