Random Wednesday: Villains

This week the group is writing about favorite villains. I see no more reason for an introduction because HECK YEAH BAD GUYS! Let’s begin:

Bruce – Jaws

I can’t remember the first time I saw this movie. It’s simply been a legend and a part of my life from the beginning. I grew up in a boating family, where my friends went to their cabins or camping for the weekend, we spent time on our boat in a marina. It was more or less a floating cabin. My parent socialized with other boaters. My sisters and I sat, bored off our butts, on a boat. Imagination running wild, I often found myself sitting in the captain chair thinking to myself, “You know what we really need around here? A shark.” I mean, if I was going to be eaten alive, I would prefer death from the several rows of serrated teeth then being gummed to death from boredom.

Bruce 2 – Jaws 2

You know what is scarier than a great white? A great white with facial burns that attacks helicopters. This is the next level of badassery but, wait…

Bruce 3 – Jaws 3D

Jaws 3 was in 3D PEOPLE! SHIT JUST GOT REAL! Do you feel that? It’s the spray of broken glass in your face.

… and it’s not over.

Bruce 4 – Jaws: The Revenge

Just look at that breach! No one is safe. 

No – one.

Bruce? You’re not Bruce – Katy Perry Superbowl Half Time

The ultimate villain of the internet. For the next week or so. Eventually this whole thing will blow over but until then, this little shark guy is going to be an annoying pain in the ass.

Much love to all of you guys. Don’t forget to visit my girls:

Bronwyn Green

Jessica Jarman

Gwendolyn Cease

Kris Norris


4 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: Villains

  1. You’re so funny that the only villain you showcased was a bad animatronic shark. LOL!! Thank you. And the first Jaws convinced me as a child that the water wasn’t a good place to be.


  2. I just LOLed so hard. And damn, I needed that. I feel like this: “You know what we really need around here? A shark.” is going to be my new catchphrase. Mostly because I can imagine little Jessica bored off her ass and sulking while on a boat. And now you probably have Lonely Island stuck in your head. I’d say, “You’re welcome.” but it’s also stuck in mine. We’re both screwed.


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