Random Wednesday: Love at first sight? Soul mates? DESTINY!?

The topic for today: love stuffs, you believin’?

Do I believe love at first sight?

I do not believe in love at first sight. I’m trying to think of a creative way to elaborate on this but, it comes to be a struggle for me. If I think hard enough I can remember the first time I met most people I know. Whether it was because they commented on the shirt I was wearing or I pretended to get hit by an opening bathroom door to find an unsuspecting victim on the other side when I thought I was pulling a prank on someone else. FYI both stories are true. The last one happened a few months ago and the poor woman was so embarrassed because she really thought she hit me with a door. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I had smacked the door on purpose thinking I was scaring someone else. Either way, substitute an elderly woman with a hot single living in your area and you’ve got a love story to tell your grand kids. Does it really mean it was “love at first sight?” My answer is, no. It simply means doing stupid shit often leads to meeting new people and sometimes those people become friends or more.

Do I believe in soul mates?

Real email sent today from my husband:

<3=*  Just know that I love you while I am out killing monsters/hunters. You are my strength, my sword and shield.

My response back was:

Well, I’ll just take back what I said yesterday of how you are a dick, with a dick, in a dick, stuffed in a bag of dicks.

Context? Do you really need it? Okay. I honestly don’t remember what he said to me that I called him a load of dicks. I asked him when I informed him he would be in this blog, “What did you say to me again?” We both laughed and neither one of us remembered what he made fun of me for. I only remembered my response had him rolling in laughter in our kitchen as we chatted last night making brownies. His email was in response to him playing Evolved which was just released today and a pretty awesome looking game I might add. While he was playing he sent me random emails because he’s cute like that. Do I think we are soul mates? No. We are companions and friends first, always. I don’t think this makes us soul mates. We are very different people and have different personalities. Fairly certain he is the better half of the equation, I’m more of the abrasive type of individual where he is damn charming. See above.

Do I believe in destiny?

Another negative. As I’ve made decisions through my life, in regards to anything really, I will always stick by my decision. Does that mean “destiny” was at play? No. I’m just really stubborn. Perhaps my destiny was to be stubborn? No, I don’t believe that and I’m confident with this decision.

Now it’s time to follow your destiny and fall in love with these blogs from your future soul mates:

Jessica Jarman
Bronwyn Green
Kris Norris
Gwendylon Cease


3 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: Love at first sight? Soul mates? DESTINY!?

  1. I *adore* your and your husband’s relationship. I have serious mad love for it. Side note: I’ve called my husband a bag of dicks before. However, I’m now adopting “you are a dick, with a dick, in a dick, stuffed in a bag of dicks” for those moments that need extra emphasis and a few more dicks.”


  2. Obviously, I’m the only hopeless one left. Though I did love your response to your hubby. I generally just default to bastard. I need to get more original…I’m also assuming my faith in these relic ideas is desperation…


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