Random Wednesday: My Novel Movie – Dream Cast

My novel is not published but, my dear Sir Jim of Jimmingtonham – I assure you I am working on it so you can read it.

Birthday 2010 Misanthrope Costume
Jim is my beta reader. I particularly like Jim.

In other news, when I began my novel some time ago I started by getting to know my characters. This game of finding famous actors and actresses who reminded me of the characters I was creating is one I’ve played before. I also found this particularly helpful when describing to my husband the characters and the plot. Assigning real life actors and actresses gave him a visual and he would often respond with, “AH! Now I get it.”

Let us begin:

Main Male Protagonist: Professor Evan Murphy – Mark Ruffalo

A divorced professor who suffers from severe depression and has suicidal tendencies. His struggles are key to driving the novel.

Main Female Protagonist: Morgan Osmond-Carredine – Ellie Kemper

Morgan comes from a multi-marriage family. Due to her upbringing she decided to hold off on marriage but now feels she held off for too long and missed her opportunity. However, she isn’t quite sure that is a bad thing and maintains a happy, carefree lifestyle.

Supporting Character: Professor Whitney Vanderveen – Cameron Diaz

Prof. Evan Murphy’s ex-wife. My husband hates Cameron Diaz. Which is fine as you’re suppose to hate this character to a point.

Supporting Male Antagonist: Professor Aaron Vanderveen – Jason Bateman

Super likable guy and a popular professor. I’m just going to leave it there, I don’t want to reveal too much on this one. He is now married to Prof. Evan Murphy’s ex-wife and though they all work together on campus, he is a cool guy about it.

Supporting Character: Elise Merrifield – Julia Stiles

Morgan’s older half sister. Healthy lifestyle blogger and as Morgan believes, got all of their mother’s good genes. Her marriage however, is less than ideal but, she is often too proud to accept the less than fine aspects in life.

Supporting Male Antagonist: Joey Merrifield – John Krasinski

Elise husband and Morgan’s brother-in-law. Anyone who I’ve told about this character thinks this guy is a “bag of dicks” or a “douche canoe.” So why pick such a lovable actor? Because Joey is a good ol’boy kind of guy. Getting through life on who he knows rather than what he knows. Likable doesn’t necessarily mean good.

Supporting Female Antagonist: Robin Carredine – Kat Dennings

Morgan’s younger half sister. Two reasons Kat might be type cast if she were in this role. They are big reasons though -ahem- anyway, I’m not sure I would say she is idea but Robin is written as a heavier character. There are not a lot of actresses to choose from that fit her age range and physique.

Two key players I do not have a cast for are Prof. Evan’s children. His daughter Karen is 17 and an aspiring model which both Evan and Whitney support to different degrees and their son Chad who is about 21 and lives an artist life. Evan respects his son, Whitney thinks he is foolish and a waste.

There is my cast. But one step at a time. Still need to get a book out!

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5 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: My Novel Movie – Dream Cast

  1. I’m giggling. I thought only my husband hated Cameron Diaz. Seriously, you’d think she’d beat him with a bag of ball bearings, so intense is his loathing of her. I heart Mark Ruffalo. My computer froze on his picture and the phrase “a divorced professor who suffers” and I thought, yeah, I’ve known a lot of those. But then it unfroze. 🙂 I like your cast!


  2. Great cast! And I love that you picked Jim K as the antagonist! I also love that you describe your work to your husband. I may be completely odd that I don’t really talk about my work at all to mine. Well, I do, but not the details of the story and characters. And that’s not whining, honest. I don’t want him talking detailed engineering to me either, so it’s cool and it works for us.

    So yeah….great choices and like Kellie’s, your post has intrigued me and I want to know more.


  3. I totally understand the loathing of Cameron Diaz. I can’t stand that woman. I don’t think she can act her way out of a paperbag. See, she must have scarred me in some way I don’t remember. Love Mark Ruffalo though. Yum!!!!


  4. First… Mark Ruffalo…. I freaking love him. LOVE. HIM. I so want a Hulk movie with him in it. Also… JASON BATEMAN.. I love him as well. Cast looks amazing. Can’t wait until we can all read this.


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