Random Wednesday: Things That Inspire Me A-Z

A-train: apple train, B-train: banana train, C-train: cookie train…What’s inside today?
Yes, The Alphabet Train, Food Train. It inspires my daughter to sing her ABC’s and has ruined me with repetitiveness. But how do I deny her an educational song? Especially when she has a bad dream at 2:00am and asks for a hug and a song.

Little De La Rosa: Momma, I want a song.
Momma De La Rosa: Okay, twinkle twinkle?
Little De La Rosa: Alphabet train!
Momma De La Rosa:………….fine………….

I’ll promise you the things that inspire me from A to Z are mostly not food related. The list however may still end with zucchini.

A – My husbands name starts with the letter A. He’s pretty awesome.
B – Bronwyn Green. She is my writing mentor and also in the awesome category.
C – Coffee. Normally drink coffee while writing however I’m expecting and must limit my caffeine…I miss it so much.
D – De La Rosa is a pretty name. Would look good on a book cover, right? …right?
E – Easter. It’s coming up and one of my favorite things to do is write the clues for a treasure hunt.
F – Free time. Because with free time comes one of two things. Writing or naps.
G – “Goofball.” A common name used in our house. It’s okay to be a goofball.
H – Ham roll-ups. Apparently it’s a bat signal. I tweeted this once and within 15 minutes had a friend call me and say “Is it true? I’m coming over.”
I – I as in, me. This book isn’t going to write itself. am responsible in making it happen.
J – Jibbers Crabst. The creativity in others provide inspiration for me to exercise my own.
K – Killing things. I spend a lot of time writing while my husband is playing video games.
L – Lunch break. I write on my lunch breaks. I would not be nearly as far as I am with the work I have done if it weren’t for lunch breaks.
M – Mental exercise. Writing is not easy, it’s challenging. No one writes because it’s easy.
N – Novel. That’s the end game.
O – Opportunities. I’ve very thankful for the opportunities I have been given to practice this craft and the people I’ve met along the way as well as the support from the friends I’ve had all along.
P – Potter. The name of my cat who takes advantage of cuddling with me every time I sit down with my computer.
Q – Quiet. It’s hard to find time to write in general while working a full time job and having a family at home but, if it’s quiet, I write. Or nap. Totally guilty about the nap thing as stated earlier.
R – Revisions. I can’t begin to explain how far my story has come.
S – Stories. This is what it’s all about isn’t it? Writing is sharing stories.
T – Toddler. I love the imagination my daughter has and how each experience for her is a new discovery. How can I not find inspiration in her?
U – Upside-down cake train? Yeah I got nothing for U.
V – Vacation. I could use one, just sayin.
W – Weather. While winter is nice, I am looking forward to opening up the windows and writing with the smell of spring in the house.
X – eXperience? Okay I’m cheating a little here but this is what I’m trying to gain.
Y – Year. How long it’s taken me so far on this project. I’ve learned a lot along the way.
Z – Zucchini train. Seriously. I make one hell of a chocolate zucchini cake.

There is my Random Wednesday contribution. Now go check out the others. Special shot out to our new blogger friend Paige Prince!

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6 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: Things That Inspire Me A-Z

  1. Awww, thanks for including me. *Hugs* I love your list – it’s like watching a writing journey. 🙂 DeLaRosa would look spectacular on a book cover, btw. I foresee this happening.


    1. Oh, yeah! Baby #2 is on the way and due in August. Trying really hard to get my edits, rewrites, and beta reading out this summer because after that, the only thing I’ll probably be writing is blog posts for a while. Knew in December but didn’t say anything during the GRRWG meeting because it was too early to go public. We haven’t had a meeting since so when everyone sees me Saturday it’s going to be REALLY obvious. GIve you all something to stare at while I do my presentation.


  2. Gwen Cease

    Major congrats on new baby De La Rosa!!! And your list is great. I especially loved B and G. 🙂 Because Bronwyn is majorly awesome and we’re probably all goof balls, that’s why we get along.


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