Random Wednesday: Season – Five Favorite Things

My thoughts on this topic:

Are we talking five favorite things about my favorite season or five favorite things about spring? Which, based on the amount of dog poop I’ve picked up since the snow melted, is not my favorite season. But it is spring and if you guys really wanted to hear about my favorite season we’d be talking about the end of the year and you know, I’m not ready to talk about that just yet. It’s only April. I suppose that means I can go with option number two, what are my five favorite things about spring. Hint: does not involve dog poop.

Favorite thing about spring #1: Birds singing. That’s pretty awesome right? When you start to hear the birds again you know it’s going to get better from here on out. They are the sign I look for to tell me that winter is official over.

Favorite thing about spring #2: Rain. Okay, here is the deal. When it snows it’s usually silent. You might have some wind but for the most part snow is sneaky. Very sneaky. Like those days when you peak out of the window early in the morning and let out a, “JESUS HAROLD CHRIST THAT’S A LOT OF SNOW!” Only to come to the realization you did not wake up early enough to clear the drive way and arrive to work 45 minutes late looking like hell, with the excuse, “Pfff…traffic.” Rain however, you do hear. You know exactly what is happening outside. And the best part – it does not involve a shovel. An umbrella and maybe some rain boots at most but, no shovel, snow thrower, or window scrapper.

Favorite thing about spring #3: Going outside for a walk. The dog appreciates getting out more when it’s warmer too. Though he does enjoy snow, he is a low profile model dog. That means he hops through the snow like a bunny. I imaging his inner dialog consists of, “Cold penis!” *hop* “Cold penis! *hop* “Cold penis!* *hop*. We don’t have this issue in the spring and by this time we both can use a little exercise. However cold penis becomes muddy penis. It’s because he kicks up dirt when he walks. Where was your mind at?

Favorite thing about spring #4: Cleaning and purging. I don’t like stuff. Which is really good for our local goodwill. It doesn’t just happen during the spring, we clean and purge all year round. However, spring is the best time to tackle the garage, shed, and finally get the windows clean as well as the detritus that blows into our yard after the snow melt and gets hung up in are sad little stick plants that have yet to bloom for the year. We still have several more months before those guys perk up a bit.

Favorite thing about spring #5: GAME OF THRONES SEASON PREMIERE! Sing it with me…

This is my entry for random Wednesday. You know where to go from here.

Gwendolyn Cease

Bronwyn Green

Jessica Jarman

Paige Prince

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5 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: Season – Five Favorite Things

  1. So…I got to this part: “Cold penis!” *hop* “Cold penis! *hop* “Cold penis!* *hop*.” and I had a mouthful of coffee and in an attempt to avoid hitting my brand new baby with coffee, it all ended up down my cleavage. So… you know… thanks for that.

    Also? Totally singing with you.

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  2. I love the rain in spring and summer. Not so much the other seasons. Spring and summer rain is different. If you get caught out in it without an umbrella you won’t freeze your . . .. butt off. Also, I love thunder storms. Once again, don’t want to be out in them, but sitting inside and listening is so cool.


  3. I don’t have to deal with a lot of snow since I live in Texas, but it’s certainly pretty in pictures. I don’t think I could imagine living in the cold ass weather for that amount of time. I’m good with chilly, not freezing.


  4. I lived in Seattle for almost 10 years. My stock answer when someone would comment about “all that rain” was “I don’t have to shovel rain.” I so get that one. I actually love the rain. Such a nice soothing sound on the roof. When it stops the birds start their symphony. Lovely. I now live in Texas. I do miss spring up north. Thank you for sharing.


  5. Cold penis… lol. Maybe he likes it cold. have you thought of that? wink wink. And being an islander, we have rain, rain and more rain. And I don’t mind the rain. As long as I get in a run without getting totally soaked, I’m good.


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