Flash Fiction Song Prompt: What I See

I’m not sure who picked this song but a heads up about the music video being eight minutes long and the song not starting until five minutes in, would have been nice. I thought Trent Reznor got carried away once in a while but dear lord…these guys were really carried away and jamming in their own little world when this song was made.

The song is “I will Possess Your Heart” by Death Cab for Cutie. I had some particular thoughts after hearing the song, all eight minutes, and reading the lyrics. Those thoughts mostly consisted of anger toward a really long video but, it was enough for me to come up with an idea for this flash fiction exercise. Check out the participating bloggers listed below and I hope you enjoy my piece which I’ve titled What I See:

Jessica Jarman

Bronwyn Green

Gwendolyn Cease

Kris Norris

What I See

Dear Ami,

I understand what you are thinking and I’m scared too. Everything is going really fast and I know you have a boyfriend. Just please, listen to what I have to say because it’s very important.

When we met at at Chloe’s party I felt an instant connection to you. Your boyfriend was late and you were annoyed and upset. I would never do that to you by the way. Before he showed up we talked about movies and people we knew. We connected and I’m sure you felt it. It was a spark. An instant spark. The kind of spark you wait for and only experience once in a lifetime. Then this long haired hipster christian Jesus freak showed up smoking a cigar. I couldn’t believe that was him. The boyfriend who stood you up. I don’t know what you see in him but I promise you, I can be so much better if you just give me the chance.

I didn’t know you in high school and no, I’m not into church. Is this what’s put me at a disadvantage? Or is it because you’ve been with him for so long you are too afraid to let go of someone who just isn’t right for you? I see it. You have to see it. If not, let me reinforce this much – I am the person for you, not him.

There are so many things I can provide, timeliness would be one thing. Also, I don’t smoke and I’m working my way through school. My friends say I’m a nice guy and I try to be helpful. Volunteering  for charities and listening to my friends, being there when they need me. Just like I was there for you at the party.

You’re beautiful, kind, and we have so much in common. The image of you floats through my mind all day from your the cute little way you wear your hair in a bun to the tan slip on shoes with tiny scuff marks on the toe.

I know letters probably aren’t your thing but I haven’t been able to reach you on texts. I’ve tried and we texted a few times but you said you were busy a lot, mentioned your boyfriend a few times, and then stopped talking to me. I’m not sure what happened or if you broke your phone or something. I talked to Chloe a little bit too. She only said you’ve been busy and you take school and your boyfriend pretty seriously. You might not have much time for me. But I know Chloe is friends with your boyfriend too so, I take what she says with a grain of salt.

Listen, I don’t want to do it this way and I know it’s unprofessional for me to show up at your work as you’ve told me before. I apologize in advance for having to do this but, I don’t know any other way to give you this letter.

I love you, Ami. You just need to see what I see. Give me a chance. We’re meant to be. Come find me. I’ll always be there for you. Watching you. Waiting for you. Patiently, passionately, and unconditionally.

See what I see, Ami.

We are meant to be.


6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Song Prompt: What I See

  1. Gwen Cease

    Okay, I’m with Bron reading this made me uncomfortable. her boyfriend may be a douche, but this guy is a stalker. He can’t love someone after meeting her once. So yeah tell me she dumps the boyfriend and finds someone to protect her against this weirdo. 🙂


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