Random Wednesday: I Spend Too Much Time…

There are not enough hours in the day to spend too much time on something. At least, this is how I feel.

I barely get the recommended amount of sleep. I eat well but not as well as I should. I count chores as exercise because as long as I’m not sitting and keep moving, I believe that counts. I’m at work for nine hours a day and spend two to four hours making dinner, doing chores, or caring for my daughter (bath time, hair styling, lecturing on the importance of eating pork chops, etc.)

We don’t have cable, we make “movie dates” just to watch a single hour long show on Netflix, and we’ll not discuss the last time I washed my hair or did something for myself like, take the time to have a bubble bath.

I told my husband about today’s topic and he responded with, “I’m not sure what you spend too much time doing…”

That makes two of us.

My daughter has made a recent habit of coming into our room when she can’t sleep. Most of the time she walks heavy enough and I know she is coming. But, she got me once, standing at the edge of the bed whispering, “Mom” in this soft little voice that scared the living bejesus out of me when I opened my eyes to see a second pair staring straight at my face. I know it’s 3am and I should kick her back into her bed. I don’t. I lift the blankets and let her in. The truth is I don’t get to hug her nearly enough and if that means cuddling with mom for a little while until she gets tired and wanders off to her room. I’m okay with it.

And weekends, the weekends are family time. Swim lessons, painting, visiting the library, playing dress up, making cookies, and even smashing kites to pieces. Yeah…it was air born at one point but long story short the kite lasted about 20 minutes. I would be lying if I didn’t say there may be another kite from amazon.com coming our way for this next weekend as replacement.

Even then, I feel like I should do more. Spend more time with my family and for myself. Spend more time keeping up the house and brushing out the dog because no one warned me ahead of time how much corgis shed. They shed, a lot. However, I get a lot of reinforcement on how I’m on the right path. My daughter’s teacher complimented us after a conference saying, “You can tell who spends time with their kids at home and who doesn’t. It’s clear, you spend a lot of time with her.” And my husband lecturing me, “I will hound you all week if you do not go to the writers conference. You need to get out and do these things for yourself. Even if there is stuff do to around the house. It can wait.”

So, to address the topic, I spend too much time worrying how I am going to do all the things I need, should, and want to do with the little time I have.

And for the curious, I wrote my flash fiction piece for last Monday while sitting on the bathroom floor playing Katy Perry’s Firework on repeat for my daughter to sing to at the top of her lungs while she took a bath.

I wrote this post during my work lunch break and yes, I’ve had to answer a few emails while doing so.

But, now that I’ve mentioned it, a bubble bath does sound pretty nice. I’ll try to schedule an hour in -flips through calendar- around mid May.

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4 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: I Spend Too Much Time…

  1. When you have a toddler, it’s hard to do much else beyond toddlery things. When my kids were your daughter’s age, there’s no way I could have managed writing anything. So, really? You’re way ahead of the game! Go you!


  2. Yeah, when the kids are little, life tends to revolve around them, and back when mine were that age, I’d have been hard pressed to think of anything I spent too much time doing. I was so busy that FINDING time to do anything beyond the day to day was impossible. And I agree with Bron, the fact you’re writing with littles, definitely ahead of the game, my friend.


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