Evolve: T-Shirt Contest

I fully support my husbands involvement and dedication to the gaming community. He’s a really awesome person and I’m very proud of everything he has achieved. But, I’ll only play Minecraft with him because he kicks my ass at everything else. There was a time I beat a level of Call of Duty on one try when it took him several and I’m still extremely proud of that moment. Oh, and let’s not talk about Dance Central (that’s my game) however, when it comes to Evolve, this man is purely dedicated. Turtle Rock forum, playing almost daily, a major obsession in contributing to each online contest even if it’s just for a few hours, books, and I’m fairly certain we even have Evolve bracelets floating around our house. He really loves everything gaming and it’s about community involvement and being part of a team among all things.
Being a time player he always is (unless he is playing as a monster, I’ve seen it, he is ruthless) he has decided to contribute to a t-shirt competition and I think his t-shirt design is really amazing. I asked him to share his accomplishment with me so I can share it with you. Please read below about this competition and go vote!
Message from the husband:
Hi…please excuse this bit of shameful self-promotion…
I entered a design contest for the game Evolve.  I would really appreciate your vote if you have a minute.  The link to my design is below, registration to the site is required but it should only take a few seconds, afterwards if you would kindly rate my design (5 stars is preferred ^__^ ) I would ever so grateful!


Thank you!!!

Here is an excerpt on rating from the WeLoveFine FAQ:

The ratings period has begun but I can’t rate designs, I get taken to a registration page!

You must also be registered on the site in order to rate designs. Again, it only takes a few seconds, and once you are registered you won’t have to do it again.

I don’t know how to rate? 

In order to rate there is a star rating under each design. The number of stars will turn blue to represent the rating you would like to give per design.

1 star is the lowest score, 5 stars is the highest.

Woopsies! I accidentally rated this wrong, can I change my vote?

Unfortunately no, once a vote has been made, we can’t change it on our end.


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