Random Wednesday: Five Favorite Things – Beauty Products

Oh boy.

Let’s see here.


I don’t use beauty products because I enjoy them. I use them because I feel I have to use them. And with this, I have no favorites.

I have sensitive skin and buy based on the label content. Not to say I’m not active on my skin health and beauty products, I do have a dermatologist who is very nice however, this stage of my life and a current pregnancy puts a lot of skin care on hold. Many items I can use on my skin for health reasons aren’t exactly simpatico with being pregnant at the moment. Beauty in that department will have to wait. Everything is oil-free and basic as it gets as a result. I can’t tell you what brand of makeup I use. I don’t actually know. I just keep picking things up until I find something that looks somewhat agreeable with my skin. Then wear the least amount possible while looking dangerous with a butter knife.

My hair is naturally curly/wavey/not sure what and dry. It does not hold color, trust me, my former stylist made a bet with a Redkin salesman that she could find a client the color he was selling would not work on. Guess who that was? Me. She won the bet and I won non-intentional copper colored hair. And through years of trying to make my hair look and do what it was not naturally designed for, I went natural. (GASP!) I’m also in my early thirties and graying prematurely.

Thanks Mom. You can deny it all you want but I’ve been taller than you for years. I see those roots.

It is surprising how many people have told me to color my hair. Many. Far many than I knew cared. “You are too young to have gray hair!” “Having gray hair will make you look old and washed out.” -bah, I say.

As far as the health of my hair I will use product to protect my hair from heat when performing the occasional styling, it’s only necessary to combat the dryness and breakage which also involves oil. Lots of oil. On a daily basis while not washing my hair on a daily basis.

If you are playing the home game that’s no oil on the skin, lots on the hair.

But again, I really have no favorite. I don’t even have a favorite chapstick. I like to rotate through different brands and flavors. Though, there was one time when my husband kissed me while he was wearing clove favored chapstick. My reaction was as follows:

“What the fuck is that on your lips? Oh that’s awful! -wipes mouth on sleeve- I feel like I just kissed a christmas tree’s asshole.”

:Shivers: That moment still haunts me.

Really, what this post concludes to is, I am holding out for silver fox status. Genetics have treated me well in other areas of beauty and I hope one day I’ll pass the worst of my skin troubles when I can dabble in the fun part of beauty products and the grays in my hair will take over to reflect the rays of the sun on a gorgeous day, creating a halo of beauty every time I walk outside to check the mail. One day, one day….I’ll age like one fine ass wine.

Silver fox goal setting status.

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5 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: Five Favorite Things – Beauty Products

  1. FFS, I’m beginning to feel super high maintenance, right now… But I’m dying at: “I feel like I just kissed a christmas tree’s asshole.” Also, this: “One day, one day….I’ll age like one fine ass wine.” I have no doubt. 🙂


  2. I love this so hard! “the grays in my hair will take over to reflect the rays of the sun on a gorgeous day, creating a halo of beauty every time I walk outside to check the mail.” They already do my friend!!


  3. I will fight grey forever. I admire folks who go natural. I wish I could, but… damn it. I shall kick and scream in that department for all time. ALL. TIME. And I remember using pure E oil when I was pregnant. To supposedly prevent stretch marks. Now, I didn’t get any on my abdomen, but that might just be stretchy skin, lol.

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  4. Definitely try the Deva Curl. It doesn’t have all of the bad stuff that most shampoos have and it’s all about hydrating your curls. I use the Low Poo shampoo because the No Poo is just weird (apparently lather is bad for curls or something). You can google them to see all sorts of before and after pix. 🙂


  5. I greyed prematurely…like really prematurely. I was dyeing my hair at 16. And I will always dye my hair. People keep saying “Oh when you’re older…” Nope to the power of forever. When I die somebody better touch up my roots or I’m coming back to haunt EVERYONE! I mean the whole world.
    My favorite grey joke (my hair is actually white now as is all three of my brothers…same as my dad and grandpa): My brother Dave said about his white hair “It’s getting harder to hide in the dark.”

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