Lie Reveal!

Wednesday’s post involved each blogger listing three truths and a lie. Read here if you haven’t already. As a quick recap I wrote four stories. First story had two parts discussing my experience in being a movie extra, the next was a piece I donated to a museum on behalf of my father, and lastly my first and and only experience at Abercrombie and Fitch.

The lie is…

Jessie Eisenberg

My first experience was Jessie, walking into the holding room of cast and crew with a mission. He looked around the room briefly before walking up to me as I was getting my hair done and asked very directly, “Maria?” I answered no and he then asked harshly, “Where is Maria?” I told him I didn’t know and he marched off. I did eventually meet Maria, she was a walk on cast member who had a few lines introducing him to another character. She has know idea why he was looking for her and had never met him before. This was just his normal behavior. Very direct and very aggressive. Much like he is in movies, he speaks very quietly but quickly, rarely smiles, and far from laid back. Seemingly a big ball of nervous tension. Where Jason Segel was a very warm person, Jessie was cold, spent much of his time talking on his phone in a corner, and rarely interacted with people other than the director or Joan Cusack. And just to touch on Joan Cusack for the curious. She was there for only half the day and spend her time sitting at a lunch table and talking to other actors.

My lie in other words, was a white lie. Not completely false but hey, for those who have seen his movies and might find it hard to believe he would be a friendly person in real life, well, you’re not wrong.

Thanks for participating!

And yes, for those who had guessed incorrectly, the Abercrombie and Fitch story is 100% true.

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