Random Wordless Wednesday: Picture for Each Day of the Week

For this post I decided to go with my week starting last Wednesday and moving to today! I told you this week would be much more fun. Well, mostly. The first two images are in regards to last week’s post which can be read here.

5/20 Wednesday – Drawing by Tyler Kish

5/21 Thursday – Wednesday Fallout


5/22 Friday – Before a Holiday

5/23 Saturday – Swim Lessons

5/24 Sunday – Yard Work Day

5/25 Monday – Memorial Day

5/26 Tuesday – Back to Work

5/27 Wednesday – Now that this blog post is done…

Don’t forget my other ladies!

Kellie St. James

Bronwyn Green

Jessica Jarman

Kris Norris

Gwendolyn Cease


4 thoughts on “Random Wordless Wednesday: Picture for Each Day of the Week

  1. I love it!!!!! I love the .gifs, they’re amazing. And whoever the person is attacking Tyler you can tell him or her from me to F*ck off. A church is supposed to love and support the members and when it doesn’t it needs to be exposed. This person sounds just like the catholic church protecting pedophile priests. Good job, asshole


  2. I am BEYOND FURIOUS with whoever that person is commenting on Tyler’s FB.

    I think “Friday Before a Holiday” is my very favorite. 😀 Awesome post!


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