Random Wednesday: A few of my favorite things – Music

John Williams is better than Danny Elfman.


You can watch the whole thing but, I suggest jumping to minute 3:00. For a good time, change your phone ringer to the theme of Indiana Jones. Nothing stops a conversation than a phone ringing the Indiana Jones theme while you panic and start searching through your purse. Hilarity and instant friendships will be made.

But, since this is Random Wednesday let’s take this to a new level of random…

Back to Danny. Danny Elfman is a composer and is most known for his work with Tim Burton (Edward Scissor Hands, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Sweeny Todd though Sweeny Todd is a musical so I’m not exactly sure how…anyway…) He actually sang for Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas –

Believe it or not.

While researching for this post I discovered he is married to Bridget Fonda. Who the hell is Bridget Fonda? Good question. This is Bridget Fonda with Danny Elfman…

Still don’t know who she is? That’s okay. It’s not important. This is just being used to segue into something worth knowing and has a little bit but, not a terrible amount, to do with her smoking pot, banging Robert De Niro, and then getting shot for being annoying in the one of the best soundtrack movies since Jaws…

I’m talking about one of the best Tarantino movies of all time…

If you are unfamiliar with this movie, here is a brief synopsis:

“When flight attendant Jackie Brown (Pam Grier) is busted smuggling money for her arms dealer boss, Ordell Robbie (Samuel L. Jackson), agent Ray Nicolette (Michael Keaton) and detective Mark Dargus (Michael Bowen) want her help to bring down Robbie. Facing jail time for her silence or death for her cooperation, Brown decides instead to double-cross both parties and make off with the smuggled money. Meanwhile, she enlists the help of bondsman Max Cherry (Robert Forster), a man who loves her.” (source: Google. I mean come on, of course I just did a quick Google.)

And, as mentioned above, this movie also includes Robert De Niro and Bridget Fonda who assist Samuel L. Jackson’s character as well as a very young Chris Tucker.

As with all Tarantino movies, this one has an amazing soundtrack that sticks with you. Tarantino doesn’t hesitate either, he hits you right at the intro.

Do you know who the Delfonics are? Well, after watching this movie you’ll fall in love with them just as Max Cherry does thanks to Jackie Brown.

Bonus: This movie is on Netflix. Watch it now. You’ll regret nothing. And then, when you are done with this movie, pick up the sound track to Death Proof, another awesome Tarantino movie. I leave you with this song, a personal favorite, from the Death Proof soundtrack.

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3 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: A few of my favorite things – Music

  1. Oh you are random today. Love John Williams and yes, he is the best composer of all time! I like the idea of using the Indiana Jones theme for my ring tone! Thank you for the suggestion.

    BTW – Bridget Fonda is Peter Fonda’s daughter, Henry Fonda’s grand-daughter, as well as being married to Danny Elfman. 😀 Not that you really care, but it is a piece of trivia I actually know.

    What a fun post today. Thank you for sharing some amazing music today!


  2. One of my brothers has been on me to watch Jackie Brown for years. *adds JB to my ever growing list of things to watch* Also? I agree about John Williams, though, I’ll forever love the soundtrack to Beetlejuice, which I’m 98% sure is Elfman.


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