Random Wednesday: My Perfect Weekend

This week we are suppose to write about our perfect weekend. I find this challenging. Almost as much as that one blog post I had to write for a flash fiction piece to a Nickleback song.

I did not pick the song.

And yes, that was a painful experience I would like to forget.

The reason I find this challenging is because I don’t really have any idea to what a perfect weekend is. Is it traveling? Visiting family and friends? Feeling accomplished by completing weekend projects? Relaxing and finishing a book? Or perhaps it’s doing nothing at all.

Last weekend we accomplished a lot of projects and in between projects I napped. A lot. Pretty much every time I sat down I fell asleep. It wasn’t my perfect weekend but I can’t complain. I was able to rest and still be productive. That strange balance that is often difficult to achieve. On top of it my husband bought me a Jurassic World shirt. That was pretty awesome too.

Since I don’t have much to discuss then on this topic lets talk about groundhogs.

Yes. Groundhogs.

Everyday on my way to work there is a groundhog that chills at a corner of a moderately busy intersection. It just sits there, watches traffic, and snacks. The first time I saw him I thought, “Oh cool. Look at that cute guy!” But, then he was there the next day, and the next, and the next, and even my husband confirmed he had seen the groundhog too and he is constantly at that same corner just doing his thing each and every morning.

Until one Friday he wasn’t there…

and a fuzzy puff of brown fur was a few feet down on the road.

We assumed the worst. It wasn’t clear if the unfortunate pile of fur was a groundhog or a raccoon but we saw no raccoon markings in our brief glances out of the car window. It had to be him. Our little friend.

FYI if you haven’t seen a groundhog in person, they actually aren’t little at all. Still cute though.

We had a mourning period this weekend while we took the news with a, “Aww, well that sucks.”

Monday morning as I passed by on my way to work I hoped for a miracle and there was no water into wine moment. Little guy was not there.


We’ve decided to name him Austin.

That’s all I got. I’m sure the girls below were a little more on topic.

Bronwyn Green

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Flash Fiction Photo Prompt: Mosquitos

It’s Monday, we’ve been given a photo, the possibilities are endless. Below you’ll find my entry for today’s flash fiction as well as what the other bloggers came up with. Enjoy!

Jessica Jarman

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Bronwyn Green

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Gwendolyn Cease

Kellie St. James

07-2015 - BarefootInField

Those aren’t even sensible shoes. Look at her. Do you think for a moment I’m going to allow those dirty ass feet on my carpet when we get home? No. Her ass can sit outside and hose them off first. I don’t care how much she complains the water is cold. She can use shop towels from the garage to dry them off because she is not coming into the house like that. You did tell her we were going out to the fields to watch fire works? Did you inform Miss Sexy Sun Dress to dress accordingly?

Yes. I’m annoyed. I’m very annoyed. I’m annoyed because this is my evening out too. I don’t want to babysit your friend. No, I don’t mind her. She seems nice enough and that’s exactly what makes this so difficult. Let me take a deep breath and gather myself for a moment. Okay. She’s an idiot. I know, this may be hard to accept but, who the hell wears a sun dress and sandals out to an event like this? I’m not sure who is more dumb though. You or her. Her for not using common sense or you for not informing her exactly what we were doing. Listen, I’m not sharing my bug spray and if she gets cold, she can cuddle up with the dog blanket we use for back of the car.

She is allergic to dogs?

And mosquitos?

Excuse me while I stand over the firework mortars…

Are you kidding me? I didn’t pack enough alcohol for this amount of dumbassery.

Calm down? Honestly? You are telling me to calm down? We’re all suppose to be hanging out together, as friends, having a good time. Instead, we’re all distracted by your friend who is demanding attention of the extremely needy but don’t-be-mad-because-I’m-cute type nature. I don’t find this as adorable as you might. Look right there, take a good look at the wind blowing her hair softly, the feminine way she holds her shoes while she walks lightly in the cold soil. Take a look at the sun shining over her golden tan. Take a picture, filter it, post it on instagram, watch the likes add up and fall in love. Because that’s the woman right there who will total your car and bat her eyes for forgiveness. That’s the woman who will be late to every single goddamn event that will ever exist no matter how important it is. That’s the woman that will burn your house down because she tried to cook a boxed meal in the oven and forgot to take the meal out of the box.

If that’s the dumbass you are attracted to, take it.

And no, for the last time, I am not sharing my bug spray.