Random Wednesday: What Made Me Smile This Past Week

There are so many things that made me smile this week.

For example, how my friends celebrated the Fourth of July

Katie displaying her awesomeness at a family function.
The Brit referencing a part of American history…and the American’s didn’t get the reference.

I was also introduced to this little nugget of I-don’t-know-what-but-I-couldn’t-look-away.

Also…it’s Shark Week.

Now, with that said. I do not have cable and I’m actually not a fan of Shark Week because it gets a little too over the top – reality tv – cliche – nonsense. But, I do love me some sharks and the random things online that come up during Shark Week. Like this shirt that made me smile:

I own this shirt. Two actually. One for during pregnancy and one for post pregnancy. My husband is pretty awesome and Bronwyn also alerted me when she stumbled upon this shirt. People understand me 🙂
This shirt is just adorable and I had to share it. Both these shirts and many more can be found at http://www.designbyhumans.com

I would have to say, there are many things to smile about and the week is only half through. I hope you find something you can enjoy and share. Please visit the other girls and see what made them smile, it may make you smile too.

Bronwyn Green

Kellie St. James

Kris Norris

Jessica Jarman


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