Random Wednesday: Writing Rules I Live By, Writing Rules I Break

Writing rules. I suppose if you want to break them you first have to establish what the rules are. Herein lies the problem. I’ve sat through meetings, conferences, read publications, blogs, books, and I feel most writing rules are reinforcements of the obvious:

If you want to be a writer you must write:

Read. Read. Read. Read within your genre.

Eliminate distractions.

Write for yourself.

Well if these are the rules then, what rules do I break?

None of them and all of them. One of my many talents.

I do enjoy writing and that’s what why I write. Let’s address the first rule then, you want to be a writer you have to write and while that comes as a challenge from time to time from writers block, exhaustion, or just simply not in the mood no one said you’d be a failure if you take a break. Ask George R. R. Martin.

Read for heavensakes and read within your genre! I do read. But I don’t always stick within my genre and I happen to be somewhat of a picky reader. I do focus on reading in my genre of literary fiction and I have learned a lot of writing techniques from genres outside of what I’m writing. Sara Gruen has awesome story and scenery detail, George R. R. Martin has a magnificent talent for point of view writing and character development, and Terry Pratchett brings in a comforting quirkiness. There is so much to learn, don’t box yourself in. Who knows, you might change your genre *cough* J.K. Rowling *cough* and still find it comfortable and fun to write.

Distractions? Everyone is different in this aspect. If something is preventing you from writing you have a problem more than a simple distraction. The dog randomly licking his paw in a very loud manor is a slight annoyance. I really wish he would knock it off. But I’m still capable of writing this blog while being mildly angry at the distant moistened paw.

Write for yourself is one thing that’s a little debatable. Be yourself might be a better rule to write by. I’m not writing this blog for myself. I didn’t pick this topic. I have no idea at the end of the day who is going to read this. Okay, I have a few ideas who is going to read this. But I’m certainly being myself and that makes this far more rewarding. Hopefully for you too, and that’s why you keep coming back. Much love for you in this regard and a thank you dear friend for putting up with my shit.

Speaking of those that put up with my shit…

Bronwyn Green

Gwen Cease

Kellie St. James

There are other ladies that put up with me but due to looming writing deadlines could not participate this week. Good luck ladies on finishing your projects!


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