The August Hiatus

A Hiatus? What? NO!

It’s true.

For the month of August I’ll be taking a break to focus on a new family addition due at any time. This means I’ll be taking a break from writing to focus on other personal tasks.

Thank you for following my blog and I plan to return in September. In the mean time I may blog here and there if I find the time and inspiration but I no longer will be following the blogger schedule for the next few weeks. For now, in regards to writing, I’ll still be working on finding agents for my manuscript and creating an outline for my next Nano adventure coming up in November.

Reading, sleeping, and trying to find that nonexistent comfortable position are on the top of my list at this time.

Please continue to support the other bloggers in the group and I’ll see all of you very lovely people again soon!

Bronwyn Green

Jessica Jarman

Kayleigh Jones

Kellie St. James

Kris Norris

Paige Prince

Gwendolyn Cease

Jenny Trout (That guy. That fucking guy.)