Flash Fiction Photo Prompt: Key Part One

Flash fiction Monday is back in action. Been a while since I’ve participated but now that I’m back in the game let’s see how this all shakes out. Don’t forget to visit the other ladies, as always, and see their awesome take on this months challenge.

Bronwyn Green

Kayleigh Jones

Kelly St. James

Paige Prince

Kris Norris

09-2015 - KeyInHand

She looked an awful like Queen Elizabeth. Meticulously curled white hair, periwinkle colored skirt suit, judgmental resting bitch face. I was so distracted by the loose skin hanging over her disapproving eyes I missed an available parking spot on the street and embarrassingly had to turn around in the middle of the street to get back to the clearly lived in home with the over grown lawn my new landlord was standing in front of.

Kelly smiles. “You’re an idiot.”

“Shut up. You didn’t tell me she was frightening.” I glared at Kelly before adjusting my car in a parallel park more times than would be passable on a driving test.

Opening up the glove compartment Kelly retrieves the envelope she had placed in there before we started our trip three hours ago. “Come on now. You can’t make much of an ass out of yourself now. You already send in your lease and security deposit. Let’s get this over with.”

As we step out of the car the woman politely crosses her hands in front of her, “It is illegal to make an u-turn on this street.”

“Yes. Sorry ma’am. Mrs. Tate?” I ask, my face getting warm.

“Kelly and Amy? I’m sorry but you are a little late though, I understand you were traveling. I have another appointment I need to get to. Inside on the kitchen counter you’ll find some paperwork. I need you to fill it out and give it back to me by the end of the weekend. Just put it in my drop box outside of my office which is the same address you mailed your leases to. You need to fill out on the forms any damage you find in the house. You will be charged for any repairs when you move out unless it had already been mentioned on your move in form. Here are your keys.” Mrs. Tate pulls a key chain with several keys out of her front pocket and hands them to Kelly as Kelly steps forward exchanging the keys for her envelope.

“Here is the co-sign information from my parents that you asked for. They will be paying you directly and this is the first three months in advance.”

Mrs. Tate pulls car keys from her opposite front pocket and a car alarm is disarmed across the road before taking the envelope. “Thank you. Call me with questions.”

Kelly and I decide not to wait and head straight up the porch and try our keys. Without hesitation we run unceremoniously screaming through the house, excited to start our junior year, and first year, off campus with own house to our name. I had only seen pictures of the house from the online ad and the pictures Kelly sent me when she toured through. Trusting her may have been questionable at times but it was a decent place. Old, drafty but the aged hard wood floors, the 80’s style light fixtures, and the olive green and yellow striped wall paper in the kitchen had a bit of charm.

“Check this out!” Kelly calls from the top of the stairs. In her hand is a key much like a skeleton key. “I found this in my room. It was just sitting on the window.”

“Put that on a chain and you can sell it on Etsy. And wait, your room. We didn’t pick rooms yet.”

“Oh. I did. I picked the room with more windows. You get the room with the walk in closet.”

“What if I wanted the bedroom with more windows?”

“Guess you are shit out of luck.” Kelly smiles and tosses the key to me. “All the rooms have new doors so I doubt it works on anything. Might work on the closet in your room though.”

The key felt heavy in my hands and left the metallic feeling of handling old coins. “Having a key to a closet door doesn’t seem very useful since my bedroom already has a lock on it anyway. If I don’t want someone in my closet I’ll just make sure no one can get into my room.”

Kelly laughs, “Maybe it’s not to keep someone out of your closet. Maybe it’s a key to keep whatever is in your closet from getting out.”

Check back later this week and I’ll continue this post. Unfortunately, mother duties call and I don’t think I’ll be able to wrap this up before it gets too late!

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