Random (Wordless) Wednesday: Summer

“Cock juggling thunder cunt.”

I’m a lazy follower of Jenny Trout’s blog and I just read her recent post while rocking my baby to sleep. I know. Rocking my little angel, watching his fine baby hair move with the slight breeze coming through his bedroom window. Looking through Google cards on my cell phone and seeing a post titled “C*** juggling thunder c***”. I thought “OH OH OH I KNOW WHAT THOSE WORDS ARE!” and read her post because I was instantly brought back to a time when I was in college. When men were men. Women were women. There was Family Video. And cable was somewhat affordable but it was only good for Law & Order marathons on TNT.

If you don’t know the quote it’s from Blade Trinity. The most special of the Blade movies.

But before we get back on topic, here is another notable movie quote from the same year: “A liger. It’s pretty much my favorite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed. Bred for it’s magic skills.” – Napoleon Dynamite.

Moving on…

A wordless post about my summer. I can do this.

June: I was part of a walking competition which counted how many steps we took during the month. Even while pregnant, I kicked ass.
July: Regretting all my decisions from June. No more walking competitions while pregnant…
And in August we had the baby. This pretty much sums up my summer.

Thank you Leo for your assistance and please see the other non cock juggling thunder cunts for their wordless posts!

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