Random Wednesday: Favorite Things – Halloween or is it Thanksgiving?

The topic is favorite things – “holiday” and well, my views of my favorite holiday have changed over the years.

Halloween was definitely number one for a long time. You see, Halloween falls on the month of my birthday and tradition has been to decorate for Halloween the weekend following my birthday. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Dressing up is also fun but, if you want to know the truth, I enjoy after the night has winded down much more. Cuddle up with some candy, put on a scary movie, and enjoy the rest of the night with way too much sugar, a room lit with just Halloween decorations, and some murderous killer or psychological thrillers.

Or monsters.

I dig Tremors.

I’ll always enjoy Halloween for these reasons but the older I’ve gotten the more I’ve out grown some of these things. Now, it’s sharing these experiences with my kids that I enjoy. I had a lot of help this year putting up decorations which was really cute. My daughter informed me we had too many bats. I don’t plan on dressing up but the kids costumes are ready to go. We go through an obscene amount of candy in our neighborhood and by the end of the night, not really feeling candy. You know I’m eating it while I’m passing it out. WE ALL DO IT! And those scary movies are more kid friendly. Last year it was Harry and the Henderson’s.

And while looking for a picture to post…I’m going to admit this movie is slightly creepy.

However, recently my personal favorite holiday has changed over to Thanksgiving. Reason being is I put my foot down and said, “I’m not driving all over hell just to eat turkey. This is my holiday. I claim it.”

Which was the best decision I ever made. It’s the one holiday that I can have with my family, at my house, and eat what I want, and just feel like I get to enjoy it instead of feeling rushed to go from place to place and socialize with every individual regardless if I want to socialize with them or not. Family is always welcome and the past few years I’ve been doing this, the in-laws come over. It’s nice to be the adult and get to host. My husband makes a mean turkey and my sweet potato casserole is a fan favorite.

I don’t recall where I got my recipe but I got the idea from Ruth’s Chris, a restaurant that is awesome enough to post their recipes.

Now that fall is here and too many bats are up, we get to have a great Halloween for the kids and a lovely neighborhood community to enjoy (shout out to the family that follows their kids around trick or treating with a wagon full of beer, you’re my hero) followed up by a delicious family feast next month.

And then all hell fucking breaks loose in the chaos that is Christmas. We’ll save that shit show for another post.

Below are the lovely ladies and their favorite things about their favorite holiday.

Bronwyn Green

Gwendolyn Cease

Kellie St. James

Paige Prince

Kris Norris


4 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: Favorite Things – Halloween or is it Thanksgiving?

  1. I have to say that I love Thanksgiving for the food. I’m a big foodie and baking is my thing. Especially during the fall. So many delicious flavors!

    Also, Bronwyn is right. You can never have too many bats. 🙂


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