Random Wednesday: Guilty Pleasures and Indulgences

If you read my blog regularly you know what one of my guilty pleasures is:

Helllloooo oreo milkshake!!!!

My husband and I also have a thing for bags. I have a thing for purses and totes, he has a weakness for messenger bags and backpacks. I’m not sure who has more but we try to balance out and talk each other off the ledge when we have a new bag craving. This bag however he allowed me to give in to.

I wore this at my wedding reception. I’m not joking. I’m also not ashamed to say I’m not joking.

This is the point in writing my weekly blog where I ask my husband, “What would you say are my guilty pleasures and indulgences?” This was the conversation that follows:

“Slurpees and coffee.”

“I’m trying to stay away from beverages. I already listed oreo milkshakes. Plus slurpees are just delicious and coffee is a necessity. Just slightly indulgent that I like the expensive fancy kind.”

“Purses and bags?”

“Got that.”

“Not shoes.”

“Not clothes. Not makeup.”

“Not nail polish…”

And this is the end of the blog were I realize I’m a very cheap and boring individual. I just might have to go buy myself an oreo milkshake tomorrow to brighten things up a bit! WATCH OUT WORLD! THINGS ARE GETTING CRAZY!

Okay, not so much. Let’s hope the other girls are a little more exciting.

Bronwyn Green

Gwendolyn Cease


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