Song Flash Fiction: If I Lose Myself

Time for a song inspired flash fiction piece or as we all know my secret when it comes to flash fiction pieces.

Word vomit.

Ahhh yisss.

The song for today is One Republic, If I Lose Myself. I was really surprised to find out there are very few lyrics to the song which feels like it goes on for a long time. Hopefully my story doesn’t do the same. If you feel that it does you can always skip back to the top and check out the other awesome nerds.

Bronwyn Green



Okay confession time. I didn’t write a flash fiction for today.


I know.

And I’ll be honest on why I didn’t get my homework done. Today is my son’s first day at daycare and my first day back at work after a maternity leave. I wish I could say days like today are easy. They aren’t.

It’s difficult looking at my son’s eyes and seeing him smile at me when I say his name knowing I’ll be away from him for nine hours of my day. Someone else will get to laugh when he does his arched back super stretches and lets out a rock star fart.

I’m going to miss him. I’m going to miss giving him those little kisses on his forehead that makes him close his eyes. I’m going to miss when he approaches a deep sleep and wakes himself up by giggling. I’m really going to miss my little boy today.

Have a good day today little guy. Mom will see you after work.

And you will be getting the biggest goddamn hug.


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