Random Wednesday: Memories of 2015

There are so many memories I could talk about.

As far as writing, my manuscript was completed in 2015 and I began my agent search. Still searching. Will be for a while I suspect but there isn’t one word of advice out there that tells you this is an easy process. It’s the make or break process. How well can you handle the long wait and the rejections?

I handle it well.

Well….well enough. I mean, I did wait forever for someone to ask me to prom and when no one did, I asked someone myself. He was very excited. Extremely “giddy” is the word I would use. When rumors started to come in, “You know, people are saying Steve is gay.” I confronted him.

“Are you gay? You better not be gay. I can get a straight date, I don’t need this to be a sympathy thing. I’M CUTE GODDAMN IT AND BOYS LIKE ME!”

He swore, “No, no. I’m not gay. This isn’t a sympathy thing because no one ask you. I do want to go to prom with you.”

We had a wonderful time. And then first year of college came around and during move in, he visited my dorm room. “By the way, I’m totally gay.”



I mean, I’m way too old for prom now but for the record: Someone might have eventually asked me and I am cute enough for a straight date. I just might be a little intimidating to ask out with my oozing charisma that is often confused with abrasive sarcasm.

That was really off topic about waiting and eventual disappointment. Back to 2015. No pun intended.

This was also the first year I maintained a blog.

Got that going for me.

But I did meet, is that the right word? “Meet?” I did socialize online (better) with new people who I find to be particularly pleasant and look forward to blogging and socializing online with more new people in 2016. Looking back at the blogs written this year, there was some really fun posts and amazing flash fiction pieces.

In my personal life my family has grown. When I’m going through my mental to do list I often think of the writing/blogs/chores that I am behind on. But when I’m rocking my baby boy and he reaches up with his chubby little hand, grabbing gently at my face I think to myself, “All that stuff can wait. I’m happy right here.”

…and hour later he is completely passed out, the feeling in my arm is gone, I have to pee like a race horse, and I come to terms that it wouldn’t hurt to change the laundry.

Family life in a nutshell.

But those moments don’t last long and having a baby is a huge memory I will hold dearly from 2015.

Well that, and this dream I had after watching Jurassic World which came out last year. I had a dream dinosaurs were attacking our neighborhood and I was running for my life. I kept dying over and over again with that one big IRex chomp-off-half-of-body-in-one-bite maneuver. Now, this actually wasn’t the problem with why I remembered the dream or why I thought it was so disturbing. It was because everyone was running pass me and I couldn’t catch up because my running style was much like Woody from Toy Story.


It was a horrific display of less than gracefulness.

Let’s leave that memory in 2015.

As always – the girls of your past, present, and future.

Jessica Jarman

Bronwyn Green

Paige Prince

Kellie St. James

Gwendolyn Cease

Kris Norris

Kayleigh Jones




9 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: Memories of 2015

  1. I loved this blog! I will wait to read your book. Enjoy that baby! They grow up way too fast! My baby is 35 and just doesn’t fit in my lap any more. *sigh*

    Even if you run like Woody, at least you are running. That is good – isn’t it? 😀


  2. You have the most precious baby! Totally makes me want to squeeze baby cheeks. Wonder if my cousin will let me borrow her son for a few hours… lol.


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