Random Wednesday: Doctor Who, Miss Sprinkles, and the Prompt

We didn’t do this last year but that doesn’t necessarily mean this is a “new” thing. I’m not actually sure if it’s new but it’s new to me!

Prompts. Or as this has been named “Promptly Penned.” You’ll be seeing one of these each month from here on out for 2016. For this month the prompt is, “Some choices are easy, like fudge ripple or butter pecan, some choices aren’t. Can you guess which one this was?” (Note: Rules? With these prompts, there are no rules.)

Until my Doctor Who, Titty Sprinkles obligation is shored up we will be picking up where we left off. If you not sure where exactly that is, well, you can catch up on timey wimey nonsense with sugar tits here.

Or you can jump ahead and go straight to the good stuff by visiting these ladies.

Kris Norris

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Bronwyn Green

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Kayleigh Jones

Kellie St. James


Part Two:

Tom rustles through an oil stained cardboard box, digging through miscellaneous tools before pulling out long Phillips head screw driver.

“I’ve got one of those.” The Doctor pulls out his device and shows it to Tom, pressing a button for it to emit it’s signature sound. “Mine’s sonic!”

Tom holds up his screwdriver to compare, “Mine’s bigger.”

The Doctor’s smile fades, “Yes. Well. It seems you are right on that account.” With defeat, he slides his sonic screwdriver in his coat pocket.

Miss Sprinkles has changed out of her robe and now wears tight leggins and a cropped shirt. In the middle of the stage, she adds small hand mirrors to the pile of vanity mirrors, and full length mirrors she has already pulled from the dressing rooms. Taking a small break from her collection, she hops down off the stage and peeks outside.

The light in the forest has grown, and grown very quickly, since last she looked. Noises, terrible grumblings, deep and unfriendly, seem to get louder as the light illuminates the trees closer to the club. Miss Sprinkles closes the door quickly and grips the door handle. She knows holding the door will not stop what might appear on the other side and her only chance of saving them might actually be the funny man in the bow tie. It all seems so surreal and immensely odd. The hair on the back of her neck begins to rise when she feels someone behind her.

“Why should we trust you? How do we know you didn’t come from the light?” Miss Sprinkles asks The Doctor and loosens her grip on the door, suddenly feeling an urge to run from the strangeness and the unknown.

He answers calm and smooth, almost soothing. “Some choices are easy, like fudge ripple or butter pecan, some choices aren’t. Can you guess what is out there? Even I sometimes feel it would be best to leave. Let the mystery be. Let the ugly parts of the universe stay ugly. But I’m The Doctor and that’s not what I’m about to do. Trust me. Trust me for tonight…and maybe the future… and brief glimpses of the past.”


“Okay, that part is a little complicated. I have a relationship with time.”

“And the universe?”


“Are those dancers at another club?”


Miss Sprinkles leans her forehead on the door and feels the cool metal. “I was really hoping the answer was, ‘yes.'”

Tom yells out to them, holding a large mirror. “I got the last one from the private rooms. These should be all of them now.”

The Doctor jumps in the air with a smile and claps his hands so loudly, Miss Sprinkles startles and hits her head on the door. “Fantastic! Oh! Did that hurt?” He pulls her head toward his face. “I’m sure it did. It’s fine! Should be fine! Looks fine! I don’t know, I’m not that kind of doctor. Alright everyone! Onward! Grab what you can and…”

Moving Miss Sprinkles out of the way, he opens the door to a very loud growl and just as quickly as it is opened, it is closed. “…and to the backdoor! This one…” Pulling out his sonic screw driver he shines the light at the handle and over the door itself for good measure. “…is out of commission.”

“What is it?” Miss Sprinkles eyes are wide.

“Not good.” The Doctor takes her hand and runs quickly to the pile of mirrors. Picking up a large vanity mirror with magazine cut outs of made up models still tucked in the chipped paint wood molding and forcing it into her hands. “It’s Creeps.”

“What are Creeps?” Asks Tom, holding the largest mirror from the pile.

The Doctor holds up two disco balls, “Very creepy.”


Part 3 will be Monday 1/18 for our song flash fiction piece – Creep by Radiohead.



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