Flash Fiction: The Creeps

If you want a band that’s British in the Guy Ritchie film sort of way, look no further than Radiohead.

Creep by Radiohead is the song for this prompt (the soundtrack to many people’s 1993) and if you’ve been following my Doctor Who and Titty Sprinkles obligation here and here, you already knew this was coming.

I’m not exactly sure where it is going.

Scary thought.

Save yourself with one of these exit points for a more thorough literary endeavor than what is about to happen below:

Bronwyn Green

Paige Prince

Kris Norris

Jessica Jarman

Part Three:

The Doctor runs, disco balls in hands, for the back of the building. Tom follows quickly behind him where Miss Sprinkles struggles with the vanity mirror.

“Move,  Tits!” Tom yells back.

“This is heavy and shut up!” Once Miss Sprinkles catches up she notices Tom staring out the opened back door while The Doctor has disappeared into a blue telephone booth just beyond. Not feeling there is time for anymore questions, Miss Sprinkles forces Tom out of her way and runs after The Doctor, stepping in the booth behind him.

This clearly, was not a telephone booth but rather, something much more.

“What is this thing?” Miss Sprinkles hugs her mirror.

“A police box. And no! It’s not a police box. It’s a TARDIS, a ship, my ship, and it travels through time and space and speaking of time, I may have miscalculated how soon company would arrive through the fissure but it seems they are here and we might need to reevaluate our plans. Slightly. Just slightly. A little more than slightly. A far amount more than slightly – slightly. Don’t let go of that mirror! That still might be handy. Oh wait, you didn’t say it.”

“Say what?”

“What do you think of my TARDIS?” The Doctor smiles and puts his hands in his pockets.

Miss Sprinkles looks around and is overwhelmed by the pillar of moving parts in the center of the room and the extensive console full of odds and ends which seem to be an incapable combination of buttons, levers, and switches to be of purpose. But one thing was undeniable. “It’s bigger on the inside than the outside.”

The Doctor hops from foot to foot rubbing his hands together, “I love that part! Yes! Now we can get to work. Where is Tom?”

Running back toward the door, The Doctor pushes Miss Sprinkles out of the way. The growling has stopped. Miss Sprinkles tries to see around The Doctor but once he feels her presence behind him, he quickly closes the door and holds her by the shoulders for a moment. He says nothing, squeezing with a force that makes her shoulders form a shrug. The Doctor leaves her there to wonder, the question with an unspoken answer hanging in the air.

From the console, Miss Sprinkles doesn’t notice from where exactly, The Doctor pulls out two rabbit ear style antenna. One of which, he quickly runs over to her and straps to the top of her head before putting the other on himself.

“I just realized I’m so frightened I’ve been standing in the same spot this entire time.”

“Do you have your mirror?”


“Tom’s mirror is laying on the ground just outside the door. I want you to stand closely behind me. I am going to borrow your mirror to cover myself and once we get to Tom’s mirror I will hand this back to you. Use it like a shield. Hold it directly in front of your body so the Creep’s will see a reflection of themselves and not notice your, what kind of pants are those anyways?”


The Doctor pulls his sonic screw driver from his coat and quickly scans Miss Sprinkles legs. Reading the side of his sonic screw driver, he frowns. “Lycra. Never liked lycra.”

Miss Sprinkles twists her face, “Really? Right now? You are going to judge me for the fabric of my pants while wearing an antenna on your head and sporting a bow tie! Not to mention the I-don’t-even-know-what is out there and we’re in a spaceship that looks like a phone booth!”

“Police box.”


Reaching up, The Doctor adjusts the position of the antenna strapped to his head. Forcing one rabbit ear antenna straight up and the other, slightly angled to the side. “The antennas are for survival and bow ties are cool.”

With an large inhale of breath Miss Sprinkles holds herself tall but the yet to be spoken barrage of expletives is cut short by  The Doctor turning quickly on his heal and walking through the TARDIS door, back to the unknown. Miss Sprinkles moves quickly to shadow The Doctor with his long strides and abrupt movements. His height blocks her from seeing what is near and she finds her self struggling to look around him as he moves unpredictably. The brief break from the noise when they opened up the door looking for Tom was replaced by electrical static. A deafening, nerve awakening, static. The Doctor stops and motions for her to step in front of him and take the vanity mirror.

He pushes her ahead of him a few feet. “Remember, cover your body so if they look at you, they will see their reflection and think you are one of them.” The Doctor then crouches down and slides the mirror Tom was holding toward him. Tom however, is no where to be found.

Miss Sprinkles expected the worse and kept her eyes down, looking around the ground for footprints back tracking toward the club as if Tom had ran back inside and was safe but she found no path returning to the club door. At worst, she looks for his body. As her eyes move from the ground upward she sees them moving from the forest. They were as far as the eye could see. Creeps were surrounding her and The Doctor. Their bodies were cords, wires, exposed copper, forming appendages of legs and arms. Their heads were radios, TV’s, and she swore one of them was a microwave.

“Doctor.” Miss Sprinkles whispers and with an edge of panic after no response, “Doctor?”

The forms stop moving and all equipment faces her. The radios tune, the TV’s flash, and the microwave beeps as if buttons were being pressed. The microwave creep takes a step forward and dings as if time were up. At once the radios and TV’s call out in a voice that mimics her own. “Doctor?”


Visit back on 2/1 for Part Four!




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