Random (Wordless) Wednesday: Happiness

When it comes to this blog I try to stick to writing nonsense and my own weirdness. The topic of happiness makes me think of my personal life which I tend to keep a little more private, especially when it comes to a “wordless” post which means – pictures.

I won’t (and most likely never will) post pictures of my family. But they make me happy. Very happy.

My husband is amazing beyond words. We’re best friends and we love each other an unmeasurable amount. Just yesterday we discussed how my newly learned word of “garrulous” can be used to describe me about the time he looks me deep in the eyes, holds my face in his hands, and says, “Seriously Jess, you’re tired. Go to bed.”

My daughter and I have conversations which warm my heart. Here is an example from Saturday:

Daughter: Mom, pink is a regular color, right?
Mom: Um, yeah? I suppose it is.
Daughter: And white and black, too?
Mom: I guess. I mean, if those are regular colors what is a nonregular color?
Daughter: -thinks- Red.
Mom: Red? Why red?
Daughter: Because red is a primary color.

(Note: My daughter is smarter than I am because I would not have thought of that answer. I would have answered something along the lines of “Chartreuse.” Her logic is much more solid and she isn’t four yet.)

And my son. He’s just a little guy but his laugh is infectious. Since he was born, he would smile and giggle in his sleep. Now he does it all the time and it doesn’t take much to get him into giggle fits. Yesterday his daycare teacher told me, “I’ve never had a baby laugh as much as he does.” He is so sweet. It makes coming to work or taking time for myself very difficult.

Well, this is a wordless post after all and since I’ve wrote in lieu of pictures for privacy reasons, here is a picture from Cyanide and Happiness.

It’s a butt shark.

I don’t know what that’s about but I’m okay with it.

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6 thoughts on “Random (Wordless) Wednesday: Happiness

  1. I want to hear baby giggles!! I often wonder what babies imagine as they are laughing to themselves. Probably a really awesome inside joke we adults will never, ever understand


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