Flash Fiction: Doctor Who and Miss Sprinkles plus Dude on Pier

Monday photo flash fiction – dude on pier, and I have to figure out how to incorporate this into my Doctor Who nonsense but I’ll come up with something. For now here is Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and below is Part 4. As always, if Tits isn’t doing it for you feel free to check out the other ladies.

Bronwyn Green

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Paige Prince

Gwendolyn Cease

Jessica Jarman


Part 4:

Titty Sprinkles runs on her bear toes to avoid the cold and sharp landscape of the forest floor. She can still feel the rabbit ear antenna on her head catching the branches above her. The mirror had broken when she threw it at the Creeps in a panic and kicking off her shoes at the moment she took a step on the soft earth and felt a heel stick. The Doctor had been behind her but with a second loud crash he had thrown his mirror too and ran not to her but, past her.

“Quickly darling!” Was all The Doctor said and then he was off through the trees.

Miss Sprinkles could feel her heart beat getting caught in her throat and didn’t think she could run much further, a stitch in her side came on suddenly and was beginning to cut deep. “Doctor.” The call was too quiet and breathless, she heaved with all the energy she could find. “Doctor!”

His voice was clear and seemed closer than she imagined it should be. “Here! Come on now. Time is of the essence as it would seem. Story of my life really. Where are your shoes?”

Miss Sprinkle stops, grabbing her side she holds herself against a tree. “You’re a dick.”

“A what?”

“A dick.”

“Oh, like a detective? Well, I’ve never thought of myself as a detective but I do quite fancy a nice deerstalker hat. I just never really understood what to do with the flaps. Up or down? Very confusing.” A cool hand brushes the top of her arm and above her she discovers The Doctor crouching on a tree limb. “Up, up, up! Tell me now, what is in this area and please, make it quick.”

The Doctor pulls Miss Sprinkles up and she scratches her arms and the bottom of her feet on the sharp tree bark.

“Stupid tree.”

Pulling out his sonic screwdriver the The Doctor analyzes a branch. “Sugar Maple, it would appear. Not the most intelligent but far from stupid.”

Rustling of branches and heavy steps crunching the forest detritus can be heard in the distance. The Doctor motions for Miss Sprinkles to stay quiet then reaches past her to an adjacent branch. He tries to climb but finds some difficulty, getting tangled in branches with every attempt and making far more of a ruckus than Miss Sprinkles could ever make if she were to speak aloud. Finally, Miss Sprinkles grabs The Doctor by his coat and pulls him toward her. She simple mouths the word antenna and The Doctor squints his eyes for a moment then leans back with a large smile. Removing the antenna from his head and handing it to her, he tries one more time to climb the branches and finally is successful.

Miss Sprinkles closes her eyes and wonders what will happen if they catch up. The Creeps. She never thought to ask The Doctor what they could do. Even he didn’t seem overly afraid but simply had an air of urgency. They have been running, hiding, and Miss Sprinkles was unsure if perhaps, they should be fighting.

“What is nearby?” The Doctor whispers down from a branch in which he is hanging precariously.

“The club is out here for a reason, it’s out of the way and discrete. I think the only thing nearby is a boat launch for the lake. I remember where it is, kind of. There were some guys that would come by the club and after wander down and break into the cars parked at the launch. They were caught, arrested, and the regulars took down the boat launch signs to avoid any further burglaries. You wouldn’t necessarily know it’s there unless you have been there before and know what to look for.”

“A lake? If we were to have a boat, which we don’t, and wanted to launch it, though that would be completely unnecessary without some type of floating device, what would we be looking for?”

“The launch is east of the club but I’m not entirely sure how far.”

Doctor?” Electrical voices, all speaking in unison can be heard nearby and the steps are sounding much closer.

Miss Sprinkles and The Doctor move quickly. He slides down the tree with ease and assists her down as she throws down the antenna she was holding, removes her own, and moves quickly once again, running on her toes which feel achy and cold. They run east until they come upon a clearing which was much closer than Miss Sprinkles realized.

“Wait! Is that the fissure?” Miss Sprinkles stops running and feels her body freeze.

The Doctor grabs her hand and pulls it with force. “No it’s the sun! It’s morning!” He laughs loudly but Miss Sprinkles still feels uneasy.

Doctor?” The voice sounds louder than it should and coming from a direction it shouldn’t be. The Doctors smile fades away as they approach the dock and see a man standing with his back toward them.

A shiver cuts through Miss Sprinkles spine. “Tom?”

Tom’s body turns around but his face is missing. Underneath the hood of his sweatshirt can only be seen glowing red eyes. “Doctor?” 


Looking at the calendar, Part 5 (and I did not see this story going into a Part 5) will be Wednesday 2/10 for a Promptly Penned post. Hope to see you there next week!

6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Doctor Who and Miss Sprinkles plus Dude on Pier

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  2. Tom’s back! Well…sort of, anyway. I’m just loving this storyline. 😀

    And this made me hear Matt Smith in my head:

    “Oh, like a detective? Well, I’ve never thought of myself as a detective but I do quite fancy a nice deerstalker hat. I just never really understood what to do with the flaps. Up or down? Very confusing.”


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