Random Wednesday: My Ideal Date


I’m aware this is completely on the nose to the point of “dad joke” level.

I asked my husband, “I have to write a post about my idea date. What is an ideal date?”

“Sleeping in, getting up when you want to, eating what you want to, doing what you want to.” His perfect date sounds an awful lot like retirement.

Let me tell you what a person in my situation does for a date…

To give a babysitter what they deserve is very expensive. We’ve maybe used a babysitter twice. Unfortunately for us we do not have a surplus of family in our area so the dump and run isn’t an option. We’re pretty much on our own in this regard. Daycare however, is tuition based since we go to a child development center style daycare. This is what we call “free” babysitting. We’re paying for daycare anyways so why not take a vacation day from work and have a day date!

On our date dates we drop the kids off and then rush out to get a sit down breakfast where we eat too much food.

Every damn time.

I want to meet the person who can say “no” to a warm up of coffee and a side of icing covered sugar bread. If you don’t know what sugar bread is then we need to have a further discussion about all that is holy and unhealthy as fuck.

From there it’s a whatever-we-feel-like. Movies usually top the list because if there is a movie we want to see in the theater, this is the only chance we get to go. Though last year we went Christmas shopping on one of our day dates. We had a blast and completed almost everyone on our list in one day. It was awesome.

If money is no issue…Ruth’s Chris. We will eat ourselves stupid on steak. But that is usually reserved for anniversaries and in the ten plus years we’ve been together, we’ve only gone three times.

Prior to kids, we took one vacation together and it was a “now or never moment” and we went to Maui.

Sad to say during our visit there were no shark attacks though if there is a shark attack it’s almost always in Maui and near a beach we frequented.

Our entire trip consisted of the conversation, “Beach or pool today?” and I would love to have a date like that again. Feeling free of obligations, no need to keep an eye on the clock or keep a schedule plus, beaches and warm weather. But we ran the numbers, figured out the logistics, analyzed a few theories and…We figure it might be another ten years before we take a vacation or have an opportunity for a really extravagant date. Until then, who knows. Maybe the next day date we take we’ll check out the new Trader Joe’s.

OH and let’s not forget the home dates! Last night we smuggled some of my daughters left over birthday cupcakes after she went to bed, played Skip-bo, and watched The Grand Budapest Hotel. We only played one game, the baby woke up twice, and we made it about 75% through the move.

It’s hard being a badass like me.

And to the other badasses out there…

Bronwyn Green

Kris Norris

Paige Prince

Gwendolyn Cease





5 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: My Ideal Date

  1. Dating with kids is hard. Really hard. Also? I’m all about AJ’s idea of an ideal date. 😀 And I love that you actually check the locations of shark attacks.

    BTW, should you want an actual date, I know someone who’s pretty good with kids, doesn’t charge, and likes your kids a lot. Just putting that out there. 🙂


  2. Huh, have you thought about just putting your children on someone’s doorstep with a note saying you’d be back later?? Probably not. This is probably why I don’t have kids. Still, your date sounds pretty good to me.


  3. Love the ‘date’ photo. And yes, his ideal of a date. Sounds pretty damn perfect. So… I have no idea what sugar bread is… but I”m pretty damn sure I gained a pound just reading those words. I’ve been to Hawaii once, and there was a shark attack which resulted in death the night i got there.
    And honestly, if you’ve got someone you love with you, regular old non dating life ain’t so bad 😉


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