Random Wednesday: Doctor Who and Miss Sprinkles – The Finale

A friend of mine informed me he mistyped the book Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and instead typed Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy in a discussion he was having. We laughed, we cried, we discussed Taylor Swift, the Cold War, and how she wouldn’t fair very well because she would have only been two years old when it had resolved.

It gave me both an idea and posed a question: Will there be more after Doctor Who and Titty Sprinkles concludes? If so, what’s next?

While the idea of writing another serial of quirkiness, even if it involved Taylor Swift and eastern Europe espionage, sounds appealing, I’m going to have to temporary throw in the towel until the next time I say something stupid on Twitter.

That shouldn’t take long.

But if there is something you want to see, feel free to contact me. This all was started by my Angel muse Jim whispering in my ear, “Write something with Doctor Who” and the Devil muse named Karl in the other, “Yeah, I like that idea….add a character named Titty Sprinkles.”

I couldn’t play favorites and it worked out best that way.

Today’s post is the EPIC CONCLUSION to Doctor Who, Titty Sprinkles, a guy named Tom, and Creeps. Our posts are always themed and today is scheduled as a Promptly Penned flash fiction post which must include (or some reference, variation to): “This is where you make up some stupid excuse to leave early and stop returning my calls.” He leaned back in his chair with a sigh.

To get up to speed on guy with a bowtie and sugar tits: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

If you want to make less questionable decisions in your life and read something with a little more class, click below:

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Part 5: The Conclusion

The Doctor pulls out his sonic screw driver and quickly scans what was Tom. He reads the results from the scan and pockets his screw driver quietly but cautiously.


For the first time throughout the night, Miss Sprinkles hears the Doctors voice hold a hint of fear rather than the usual confidence. Even the air of adventure in his movements have been replaced and he stands more still than the trees surrounding them.

Tom’s body takes a step back on the pier and Miss Sprinkles looks at the The Doctor but his eyes are glued to the glowing lights under Tom’s hooded sweatshirt. Her skin feels damp and cold, a breeze was coming off the lake and cooling the sweat on her body. Even as she shivers the air carries the smell of fresh pine mixed with algae from the lake and she feels a sense of calm. If this was the end, at least it was here, with the fresh air and the rising morning sun.

Miss Sprinkles felt the cords, warm and smooth wrap around her. The electric current coursing through made her hair cling to her face with static. “Doctor.” She said calmly.

“Sprinkles!” The Doctor turns and faces her, his eyes wide. He takes a step toward her and pauses as he looks around her.

She already knew, she could sense them. Creeps had cornered them and escape was impossible. Miss Sprinkles closed her eyes and felt the warm embrace of the cords and wires. They were relaxing, soothing.  But the smell of warm plastic and the high pitched hum of electronics kept her from falling further. She opens her eyes and once more, catches Tom’s body taking another step away from The Doctor and down the pier.

“She is lost, Doctor.” The voice from Tom wasn’t far from the Tom she knew but different, without life but, raw and mechanical. After he spoke Creeps echo’d, “She is lost, Doctor.” And the voice coming over the radios and TV’s were clearly Tom.

Without explanation to why, hearing Tom’s voice gave her hope.

“Why do you need human bodies?”

Again Tom answered and the Creeps echoed. “We need hearts.”

“The current. Like a battery.” The Doctor mutters to himself and then addressed Tom’s Body. “It won’t work! The body still needs energy for the heart to create an electric pulse.  You still have to keep the human alive!”

Curious statement. Almost makes it sound like you are not human. Miss Sprinkles thought.

“Curious statement. Almost makes it sound like you are not human.” It was her voice, but not from her mouth, from the TV’s and radios on top of the Creeps shoulders. The Doctor turns around quickly, his coat whipping around him, while behind from the pier, Tom continues to take a step back.

Miss Sprinkles puts her hand up to see them. She is entangled in the creep, but parts of her skin are still visible along with the fingers on her hands. Touching her mouth she feels her face is still free but not without accidentally causing a painful static shock when she touches the skin of her lips.

“Ow! Goddammit.” Swears Miss Sprinkles but to both her and The Doctors surprise, it’s only her voice.

“You’re not fully integrated!”

No shit, she thinks to herself, the Creeps repeat, “No shit.” Then she says aloud too frustrated to care, “I could have told you that.”

The Doctor quickly pulls out his sonic screw driver and scans her.

“Why aren’t they going after you?”

The Doctor smiles broadly and pounds his chest. “Two hearts, wrong size battery.”

A warm sensation flows over Miss Sprinkles like a wave and she begins to feel dizzy. “What kind of Creep is attached to me?”

“A microwave as it would appear. Which is interesting. Not just for the fact that it’s…well…a microwave attached to you but because it’s on its own. I don’t see more. Why are there no more microwaves?” The Doctor scans behind her. “A house only needs one, well, a house could use more than one given the size. A flat definitely only needs one but an invasion of Creeps through a fissure of space, there should be more than one. Unless of course, and this could be it. Might be it. Not completely sure but a strong hypothesis, this isn’t a full invasion. This is a test.”

Again, Tom’s body takes another step back.

“I feel warm. Do you think Tom feels like I feel?” Miss Sprinkle feels the wires starting to close in around her face tighter. Like a warm blanket being laid over her body, she feels comfortable, relaxed, and is fighting to stay in focus and not fall asleep.

The Doctor reaches toward her and then pulls back before getting too close to the Creep holding her. His eyes met hers and they hold a sense of concern but also look kind. “I’ll find a way to get you out of this. They won’t kill you.”

Her eyes close and she feels at ease. Comfortable. Her heart stopped racing and the stitch in her side along with her scratched feet no longer ache. Tom’s alive. He keeps stepping back toward the end of the pier. The water. HE IS TRYING TO JUMP IN THE WATER! 

Miss Spinkles mind wakes and she begins to thrash, pulling weakly at the cords around her body. She tries to pull the cords from her face to see and to yell at The Doctor. She feels a breath of cold air, the Creep has loosened his hold slightly. TOM IS ALIVE! THE WATER! 

“TOM IS ALIVE! THE WATER!” The Creeps repeat through their radios and TV’s.

From the pier Tom’s eyes flash and emerging from his mouth are sounds not unlike the buttons of a microwave. Creeps come at The Doctor from every angle but swiftly he moves toward the pier. With one long reach he grabs Tom’s shirt and pulls him off the pier and into the water. The crash is deafening as radios and TV’s fall from the wire shoulders of Creeps in one single moment. Miss Sprinkles loosens herself from her bonds and see’s the mess of cords, broken glass, and bent metal. The microwave Creep is still alive and attempts to bind her again but Miss Sprinkles is quicker. She wraps her hands around the cords of the Creep’s body and pulls hard, running toward the pier to jump in the lake, dragging the Creep with her.

She surfaces and is met with a big splash from The Doctor, “Wonderful! This is wonderful! Water is a bit cold for my taste but splendid work you two!”

Tom treads water near The Doctor and clumsily removes his sweatshirt. Cords around his face have gone loose and he looks relieved and uninjured as he pulls the now loose wires away from his body.

“TOM!” Miss Sprinkles swims over and hugs him but he hesitates.

“Is there more? What do we do if there is more? Are they coming from us? We should run or hide? Maybe we should get a boat and stay out here where they can’t get to us. But what if I am still one? Does that mean water can’t stop all of them?” Tom’s voice shakes and Miss Sprinkles can tell it isn’t just from the lake.

“Smart man! Good point. We should check out that fissure. Perhaps that would be a good idea. We’re going to need mirrors.” The Doctor uses his sonic screw driver to scan Tom and Miss Sprinkles. “And you both are completely back to normal. The microwaves are the controllers, the rest are just drones. If you should come across a microwave, disable it quickly. I can say from first hand experience, water is a fantastic method. But quickly now, we must get to the fissure!”

Tom is a far better navigator than Miss Sprinkles or The Doctor and with his help, they find themselves at the club quickly. The fissure beyond seems much smaller than Miss Sprinkles remembered it before as the morning sun creates a glow that drowns the fissure’s illumination.

The Doctor runs into the club and grabs mirrors they had gathered earlier in the night from a pile laying on the stage. Outside, with mirrors in hand, The Doctor instructs them to reflect the light coming out of the fissure back into the fissure but to resist looking directly at it as the bright light could cause injury.

“Hold steady!” The Doctor advised while Miss Sprinkles looked at the ground to get an idea of where to align her mirror and then, she closed her eyes and waited.

It was quick. Far quicker than Miss Sprinkles expected and before she knew it, she was standing soaking wet and shoeless holding a hand mirror inscribed with Property of Big Twerking Ash on the back.

“Is it over?” She asks.

“Yes it is. There is a bit of a mess with Creep parts but the fissure is closed.” The Doctor flips the piece of broken vanity mirror he is holding round to look at himself. He runs his hand through his wet hair, giving it a little ruffle.

“Good. Because I’m so done with today.” With a toss of her mirror, Miss Sprinkles holds herself from the cold morning air and walks toward the club.

Tom sighs heavily, “This is where you leave early.”

“What?” Miss Sprinkles looks to Tom.

“This is what you do every night. Make some excuse to leave early and you disappear. Never returning any phone calls or texts. Tonight was crazy and you saved my life. How can you just leave?”

Miss Sprinkles thinks for a moment. “I….I don’t know. I don’t know what to make of what happened. I’m cold and still a bit afraid myself, too. I just want to get my mind off of all of this.”

“I know just the place! It’s both warm AND will get your mind off things. Follow me!” The Doctor walks with determination past Tom and Miss Sprinkles into the TARDIS still standing just outside of the club.

“Come on.” Miss Sprinkles grabs Tom by the arm.

“Where are we going?”

“Don’t know, don’t care, not sure I entirely understand but I’m done with trying to figure things out so I’m following that guy. You?”

Tom follows Miss Sprinkles toward the TARDIS but stops short once she opens the door and he peaks inside. “It’s bigger on the…”

“YES IT IS!” The Doctor presses buttons on the console and pulls a lever. “Come on in Tom my boy! The fun is just beginning!”



4 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: Doctor Who and Miss Sprinkles – The Finale

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  3. First off, you need to keep Jim and Karl around. They have fantastic ideas! 😀

    Secondly, I’m totally down for a Taylor Swift Eastern European Espionage saga!

    Thirdly, I wish this were an actual episode of Doctor Who. It would be utterly delightful.


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