Song Flash Fiction: Try

This was a requested post. I had confessed how I was unsure what to write for this song for multiple reasons.

Reason #1: I’m not a romance author and 90% of songs are about love in some shape or form. The song for today is Try by Backstreet Boys. It’s a song about trying to work things out. DUMP THE DOUCHE! I dare say. Go out to the club and, I don’t know, do the stanky leg. (Edit: That’s not a spelling error. Google is your friend.)

Reason #2: N’sync was better.

With these reasons in mind, I wasn’t sure what I was going to write when an idea struck, “When all else fails – throw in an Avenger.” The motion was quickly accepted and approved with a 3-0 vote.

Either the idea is brilliant or I need more friends.

I had done this once before as noted here with Thor. “There is an entire team of characters to choose from. Pick a person and write another story!”

:sticks hand in fish bowl:
:pulls out folded paper:

The tribute for the 2nd Annual Song Flash Fiction Avenger is….:unfolds paper:


Before I make some attempt for a flash fiction story staring Iron Man prompted by the song Try by Backstreet Boys (I had to type this out fully because I am struggling to allow this idea I agreed upon to sink in) feel free, and I strongly encourage you to, visit the other writers participating in today’s prompt:

Kris Norris

Bronwyn Green

Kelly St. James


Pepper stands at the entrance of the workshop when she decides to take a moment and close her eyes for a few deep, controlled breaths. Her feet are sore as her heels have started pinching her toes from all the walking she has done today. As well, her scalp aches from the her tight pony tail, hair screaming to be released and let down. But this is what they agreed upon. Valentine’s day was suppose to be a dinner at home, Tony was suppose to cook. He was far from great at it but Pepper really didn’t mind. But a few Stark Industry emergencies that included both putting out fires figuratively and literally kept their plans from coming to fruition. Now, the day after Valentine’s, Pepper stands at Tony’s work shop with paint swatches in her hand waiting for Tony to stop tinkering long enough to notice her.

She clears her throat and straightens her back. Tony continues to tinker.


Tony rolls his chair away from his work bench and looks up. “Hi, beautiful.”

“You need to pick out the paint color you want for the new offices. You were suppose to have this done already. They are coming tomorrow to start the repair and remodel.”



Tony frowns. “For what?”

“The hole in the wall.”

“Who did that?”

Pepper sucks in a breath. “You did.”



Tony picks up a wrench and wipes grease from it with a shop cloth, avoiding Pepper’s gaze. “Well, I’m sure whatever color paint you want will be just fine.”

“I did pick a color.”

“You did?”



“After you blasted a hole in the wall on accident you said, and I quote, ‘I never liked this color anyways.'”


“Yup.” Pepper walks over to Tony and hands him the paint swatches. “Now you pick the color and quickly please. Remember, we have plans tonight.”

Tony places the swatch book on his work station and stands up, placing a hand on Pepper’s arm. “Listen, why don’t we just call it for the day, put work aside and celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

Pepper doesn’t soften her stance. “Celebrate the Valentine’s Day we missed after work today?”


“That was already the plan.”

“Oh. Well, I have a new project I’m working on. I think you’ll like it.” Tony picks up a remote from his work station and presses a button. The lights dim and music starts playing.

I need a little love like I never needed love before (wanna make love to ya baby)

Tony dances and mouths the lyrics but Pepper is unmoved. Pulling her arm in an attempt to make her dance she only adjusts her stance but her eyes become focused on something in the distance as she falls into deep thought.

Because tonight, is the night, when two become one

“Is this…is this the Spice Girls?” Pepper asks. “Well, Valentine’s Day was yesterday so do they have a song with the lyrics, ‘yesterday was the night two become one’?

Tony gives a side smirk and presses another button.

I want to sex you up! All night…

“Color Me Bad and nope. Please tell me you’ve been doing more productive things with your time today. Then making a mixed tape.”

“It’s so much more than a mixed tape.”

I swear, by the moon and the stars in the sky. 

“All 4 One? Honestly.” Pepper takes the remote out of Tony’s hand, picks the swatch book up and presses it to his chest. She turns and begins for the workshop door.

Tony picks up the remote once more. The volume suddenly increases as a new song comes on.

Try baby try, give me a moment of your time.

Pepper calls back. “Talk to me after you pick a color and that one is Backstreet Boys!”

Tony sits in his chair and whispers to himself, “Damn, she’s good.”





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