Nostalgic Notes: Songs

New thing this year that I’m completely on board for are nostalgic posts. Every once in a while I catch posts online such as “You know you’re a 90’s kid when” and the pictures accompanying them are hilariously embarrassing.

For this post we are focusing on songs. Convenient since the Grammy’s were last weekend. I will be the first to admit, I don’t pay much attention to music and probably knew less than half of the artists at the Grammy’s. This might be a good time to reflect back to the artists I do know:

Let’s start with Woodstock ’94

I was too young (by several years) to go to Woodstock and I was jealous. Very jealous. Especially because one of my favorite bands of the time, Green Day, was performing and their set looked like a lot of fun:


The highlight of their performance was the mud fight:


Eventually I was old enough and able to go to my first concert which was at our county fair. I bought a $5 glow stick to remember the experience by. My boyfriend at the time gave me grief, “Really, Jess? A glow stick?” to which I answered, “Yes. I bought a glow stick and the guy I bought it from was Australian which was really awesome. I will always cherish this glow stick. Truly, madly, deeply.”

Undisclosed amount of years later…I still have the glow stick.


Now, this post could go on forever. How I can ace the dance moves from Janet Jackson’s – Control video on Dance Central or serenade your pants off by singing you any Boy’s II Men. I also owned the movie Spice World with the Spice Girls. It as a gift but you know, I’m not going to knock it because…Spice Girls. Also, my husband learned that alcohol and the musical movie Little Shop of Horrors with Rick Moranis is a deadly combination because I know all the words to all the songs. But as I go through my mental archive of music I can only think of one random song that makes me really happy because the music is so lively and ever so 90’s. I end this post with Republica…


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