Writing Goals and Hot Bitches

“And I had planned to write this morning and the only thing I’ve achieve so far is developing homicidal urges.” – Me.

“Yes, I quoted myself today. I’d do it again.” – Me

Today is a photo flash fiction with a dude and a sword. Not like erotic stuff, it’s literally a dude and a sword, this isn’t code for anything. I had an idea for this one but I just didn’t have the time. Make sure you check out Bron and Kris because they’re awesome and did their homework for the day unlike me, who did not.

But I would also like to announce that April is Camp Nano!


Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month. That’s November. Not April. So what the hell April?  Well, if you’re like me, November isn’t always the best month to write and last November didn’t happen. What’s really cool about this program is they have Camp Nanowrimo which is a camp themed writing challenge where the goals are set by you, the writer, and happen during the spring and summer. I set a goal of 25,000 words for this month and I’ve signed up to participate with a cabin – a group of people randomly picked to support each other. So far so good. Everyone is very friendly, encouraging, and while this is my first time participating in the camp aspect it seems pretty fun.

This means I’ll probably be doing a little less posting here than normal but hey, it’s for a good reason. I would like to get my second work in process out to beta readers this year and I have a lot of work  to accomplish if I’m going to be able to make this happen.

I encourage these programs for this reason. It’s not always easy to sit and write when you have only your own mental goal. When you declare it publicly, “I’m going to write 25,000 words this month!” – it’s a little harder to say “eehhhh….or I can binge watch Parks and Rec instead.”

Nothing wrong with Parks and Rec.

I did back ground binge watch* it this weekend and find the show hilarious.

The point I’m trying to make here is, I didn’t do my blogging homework because I’m working on other writing assignments. Wish me luck because if I accomplish this goal, one day, you’ll have more to read.


*Back ground binge watch: When you run around the house frantically doing chores and chasing kids while a show plays as background noise. The point of the episode is usually missed but then a brief moment of silence occurs and you catch the line, “I have so much glitter on my privates it looks like a disco ball.”