Random Wednesday: Nostalgic Notes – Clothes

Have you seen the movie 10 Things I Hate About You?


Then you have a really good idea what clothing styles were like when I grew up.

Us flat chested chicks dressed a lot like Gordon Joseph Levitt. That would be the dude all the way to the right. Add a ponytail and welcome to Jessica’s style of the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Let’s break down this cast photo because this really is a great representation of what life was like back in my day.

  1. “Spaghetti strap” tank tops. In the line up, that’s girl in #3. These damn things were wildy popular and nipples. Nipples everywhere. You had two choices, either you show the world your gum drop buttons or try to find a bra could be finagled by using clear straps, color matching the straps to the tank top, or the dreaded strapless which resulted in a boob shelf that looked a lot like uniboob-inner tube. Eventually clothing designers came up with the built in bralette for these types of tank tops. Gives a little more support but still – nipples.
  2. The crop top, girl at #5. I’m a long torso’d individual and all fucking shirts were crop tops. I’m going to propose the theory that short shirts is what lead to the tramp stamp tattoo movement. Shirts were short and whether you liked it or not, your lower back was doomed to show. Might as well decorate it.
  3. “V” neck shirts as seen on #7. V necks are okay. I’m actually wearing one right now as I type this. However, during this time period things went a little overboard. Like really overboard. It became something of a V neck shirt, to a deep V shirt, to a plunge. I think this might have actually been the first time “plunge” was used as a fashion description. Thanks Jennifer Lopez.jennifer-lopez-vogue-8apr15-rex_b
  4. …And thanks Matt Stone (Also note Trey Parker in the spaghetti strap dress) Matt Stone & Trey Parker (Photo by SGranitz/WireImage)
  5. Can we quickly talk about 3/4 length sleeves? #5 and #7. 3/4 length sleeves are the shit. I don’t need to comment much about that.
  6. Fashion trend not pictured: Metallic. Metallic was a big accent during this time. We’re talking metallic shoes, metallic belts, metallic purses, or small metallic accents on coats. Let us not forget metallic nail polish.
  7. Fashion trend not pictured: Clear accessories. This was the generation of the Columbine School Shooting and for many schools, like my own, backpacks were banned. Quickly, styles became more accommodating for having to carry more crap on your person (women’s cargo pants as one example) and ways to get around the rules such as, clear bags.  Clear bags are still available and some schools still require them but there was a time when they were not just a necessity but were also considered cool and part of fashion.
  8. Can we talk about denim for a moment?SPEARS TIMBERLAKEThis was never popular. It was a stupid decision even then. I had to cover this for the blog though. #NeverForgetDenim2001

I can keep going because it was a fun time. If you need to know more google “Spice Girls” and it that should about cover it.

Thank you for reading and here are the other girls:

Bronwyn Green

Gwendolyn Cease



4 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: Nostalgic Notes – Clothes

  1. Where are the pics of you wearing said fashions???? Bron and I flashed our tragic fashion past you should do the same. And yeah I hear you about 3/4 sleeves. I still hate them. I never know if I should push them up past my elbow. I mean is that allowed since they are 3/4 sleeves?


  2. OMG. I love this!

    3/4 length sleeves ARE the shit. And not enough shirts have them!

    Also? I feel like your theory on crop tops leading to the evolution of the tramp stamp is spot on.


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