Random Wednesday: Brain Dump. What’s on your mind?



I am once again, participating in Camp Nano – July edition – and I’ve upped my word count to finish manuscript #2.

Pretty excited at the prospects of having another project down. But once I am done, I plan to bury it in the back yard and forget about it until manuscript #1 is re-edited.

I’ve learned a lot over the course of several years from how to start a project to how to finish one. It’s a lot harder than you think the first time you do it. But writing gets easier once you realize it’s not as scary.

That doesn’t mean my first attempt at a manuscript isn’t a big steaming pile of horse shit. It very much is a steaming pile of horse shit.

It needs work. I knew that then. But I see it even more clearly now, how and why it needs work.

What this means though, is that I will not be participating in blogging this month for the reasons that I have to prioritize and I simply don’t have enough time for blogging and writing to reach the word goal I have set for myself.

But once this month is over, I can relax a bit. Instead of two projects looming over my head, I’ll just have one. It’s important to walk away after you finished and let your work sit for a bit so you can see it again with fresh eyes. And forget the reason you killed off a character in chapter 7 was just because you pulled a George RR Martin when you were out of ideas.

As far as other things on my mind…

We visited some friends for a few hours this weekend. They have a pool and a grill which was abused by an EXCESSIVE amount of lighter fluid. While there, our friend let his one year old float around in the pool for a bit. Upon him leaving the pool his diaper was removed due to the amount of pool water it had absorbed and the fact that the velcro straps  were barely holding it all together.


That moment when you just let your kid run freebird in your backyard.

My husband commented asking if he needed a towel, our friend said no, he was fine. Until little man started crawling, not on his hands and knees, but his hands and feet. Butt square to the air, jangling of the jingleheimers for all to see.

My husband said, “This is new. How long has he been doing this Exorcist move?”

My friend responded, “Oh that, yeah. Maybe he could use a towel.”

Being a parent is fun. Sometimes it’s a lot more fun watching your friends being parents for the first time.

Special shot out to… you know who you are…and letting your kid flash his butthole to the neighbors. Very interesting 4th of July interpretation for how the US felt about the British during year of our independence. Your kid has a good sense of symbolism via interpretive dance.


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