Random Wednesday: Note to My Future Self

Dear Future Jessica,

How exactly do you write to your future self? No clue. I’m not sure who came up with this prompt. At this point I’m not even sure if you are still writing with the same people I am writing with now. And you can’t blame anyone other than yourself, you never suggest any prompts. Work on that. As you already know, and I am still learning, the group grows, people get busy, stop blogging as much, lose interest, and then a new round of fresh faces joins in. Maybe in the future, I won’t be the only non-romance/erotica author in this blogging group. Doubtful. People do like their healthy dose of long lost love and dicks.Who knows, maybe you should get into writing romance or erotica and join the crowd?

Everything she was saying felt right but his fleshy turkey neck tucked under his belt to hide his erection from pitching a tent for four felt so wrong. 

Okay. Writing sexy things is not for me. But, if this letter is really for future me, I hope my future self doesn’t forget my past self.

Why did I write for this prompt? Why did I join the blog group? Why do I write at all?

Well, future you, I wrote this letter as a reminder to keep writing. I also hope you are still reading, too. I hope you are still enjoying the art of written words with others. And I hope you are educated and experienced enough by the time you read this, you are helping other young writers discover their love for writing.

One more thing, do more yoga. That’s just a general reminder. It makes you less fussy and no adult likes to be called “fussy”.

~Past Jessica

P.S. Remember on twitter when Bronwyn referred to spiders as “Satan’s snowflakes”? That was freaking hilarious.

P.P.S. Don’t forget these people:

Jessica Jarman

Bronwyn Green

Gwendolyn Cease




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