Random Wednesday: What I hate about writing.

What do I hate about writing? That’s easy.

I hate writing.


Ask yourself, do you like to exercise?

Yes. Everyone enjoys some level of activity once in a while. After I’ve been behind a desk for a few hours, I like to get up and walk around. Lately I’ve been taking all the baby gates down around the house and chasing after my toddler for fun in the evenings. I assure you he doesn’t stop moving and it’s tiring for both of us, mostly me. Every so often I also like to swim and do yoga with my daughter or see if I can muscle my husband off the bed just because I’m in a jerkish mood and I’ve randomly decided the middle is my claimed resting area.

Now, do you like cardio?

No. No person in their right damn mind likes cardio. If you say you do, you’re lying. It’s an activity that isn’t fun in any way shape or form but if you are trying to become healthier or maintain a level of health, cardio is one way to say, “I….:breaths heavy:…fucking….:wipes sweat off face:….did it.” And then you take your pony tail holder out and your greasy wet hair stays in a pony tail shaped form. Cardio is also something you can’t do just once. You have to exercise regularly for there to be a benefit. Anyone can tell you, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle – you have to do cardio!

Writing can feel exactly the same way. It’s a good activity. An idea comes to mind and you jot a few things down. Maybe a turns into a short story, maybe a clever email to a friend, or a blog post that seems to be going no where. But when you actually write for the sake of real accomplishment, it’s hard. It can even feel a little painful. And truth is, not everyone enjoys writing during every moment that they are writing. When I sit down on my lunch break to write down a few words I can tell you, there are other interesting things I rather be looking at online plus a book I’ve been meaning to read. But no. I’m committed to writing and this is the moment I have to do it, whether I like or not.

This why I say the hardest part about writing is writing and why at times I hate it. It’s the cardio exercise of creativity. You can’t just write once in a while. You can’t just write what sounds fun on days that are convenient. You have to write:

-Several days a week (try at least 3, move up to 5, take the weekends off).
-At least 30 minutes a day.
-Set a word count and write until you get that word count whether it takes an hour or two hours. (This is how Nanowrimo works and why I use this method.)
-Write even when you don’t have an idea. You don’t need one. As soon as you start writing, they will come. Even if the first sentence you wrote was, “I should not have put hand sanitizer on before I ate my cookie.”

If I hate writing, why write? Well, there is that accomplishment factor that is pretty important. I don’t like writing, I’m not exactly sure if I am good at it, and my spelling is horrific. My vocabulary is pretty shitty, too. Don’t get me started on grammar. (note: I spelled grammar incorrectly ending it in -er until spellcheck highlighted my error, emphasizing my point.) But I write because I like to tell stories and I really enjoy the opportunity to use my imagination. I chose the avenue of writing because I enjoy reading. I appreciate anyone who can write a good story because they are incredibly talented and I am in awe of what some authors can do. They also remind me there are a lot of skills I need to sharpen, no denying that at all, but I can’t accomplish my goals if I don’t push myself to do something I don’t exactly enjoy all the time. I can’t wish I could run the Boston Marathon if I won’t get off my ass and try to run a mile.

It might have taken me several years to finish my first manuscript. But it took me less than a year to finish the second but I still have a lot of beta reading and editing ahead. Maybe next year I can write, beta read, and edit all in under a year.  I can promise you, I’m very happy reading what I have written and receiving the positive feedback I have received. It’s been a great motivation and it’s wonderful. But writing is hard, very hard. I can’t just wish a story to magically appear on paper. I’m going to have to write it even if I sometimes hate it.

That’s my take. Let’s read what some of the other authors have to bitch about:

Bronwyn Green

Jessica Jarman

Torrance Sené





9 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: What I hate about writing.

  1. Wow! As predicted my initial response to your opening sentence was WTF! But I continued reading. Wow! I ended up being inspired. This actually made sense to me. Now, to acquire the self discipline to move forward – with anything – rather than stagnate because, “I don’t like doing it.” This is actually quite profound. Thank you.


    1. I wrote this blog at lunch yesterday, went over it really quick this morning, and then here I am at lunch today hiding my head in shame for all the typos! On one hand I’m happy I got the blog posted and on the other it’s like, “Geez Jessica, proof read a little.” What I recommend for you is to try Nano. It’s coming up in November. Because, you’re not alone and when you spend a month with people who are all just like you combined with daily word goals, coaching emails, and idea generators, it really helps. I am surrounded by authors and they all make it look so easy. It really took something like Nano to teach me how to make time to write. It really is a lot of fun once you get over the hurtle. YOU CAN DOOOOO IT!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you. I really appreciate the encouraging words. I will work on that.

        Now, put that perfectionist voice in your pocket and/or tell it to be quite. Surprisingly enough, I was so enamored with what you had to say, I really didn’t notice any errors. That is totally out of character for me. Usually they jump off the page at me. (Especially if it is someone else’s work.) So lift your face out of you palm and be proud that you touched at least one poor soul in need of inspiration. YOU DID IT!


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