A Random Wednesday Spent Boning Celebs

There are so many ways I can take this. (No pun intended)

The topic is to list our top 5 celebrities we would like to have sex with. Banging celebrities doesn’t count as cheating as I’ve been told. Not sure that matters. I’m still being asked to provide a list of people I’d explain away to my husband with, “Hon, I’m really sorry but, he got to sit at a table with Julia Louis – Dreyfus at the Golden Globes. This makes me that much closer to Seinfeld! Plus, it was either this guy or Jason Alexander.”

It will be a short post because, I don’t have that many clever things to say about banging celebrities.  Here are my five:











…Or maybe Ryan Reynolds dressed as Deadpool synchronizing our movements to a soundtrack sung by Bernadette Peters while lying underneath a poster of Betty White. No substitutions. It’s all or nothing for this #5.

Horny ladies assemble!

Torrance Sené

Bronwyn Green

Deelylah Mullins (The new chick)

Jessica Jarman

Gwendolyn Cease



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