Random Wednesday: Organizing My Writing Life

If we’re going to talk about writing tips, tricks, and tools I use to organizing my writing life you’re going to be disappointed because I fell off the wagon miles back.

And I mean miles.

I haven’t written a single word this year for my WIP and it’s the end of February.

I also need to clean out my refrigerator.

For this exercise we’re just going to settle on the main point that I’m behind on a lot of things. I’m not a regular disappointment. Just an occasional one. Though, the fridge not cleaning itself is a regular disappointment.

We’re going to pretend for a minute that you (the reader who hasn’t written much yet) and I (I wrote a blog once) are not total slack offs and there is a reasonable explanation for why we suck at writing life.

  • Holiday hang over. Having seen people you don’t normally want to see for a month in a half sucked all the care out of you. Now you’re in a vegetative state hidden under a blanket watching Netflix documentaries until Spring. You’re like Punxsutawney Phil of writers. You poke your head out in February and if you see neighbors with their Christmas decorations still up you go back into hiding for six more weeks.
  • Heat is inadequate and fingers get cold while typing. No one likes cold hands. Best wait until Spring.
  • “The library has a Winter Reading Program and if you read six books you get a mug from Dunkin Donuts that entitles you to free coffee for the rest of 2017.” Even when you don’t like coffee all that much, but FREE is in front of  REST OF 2017 and then you’ve got a game changer. Screw writing, read all the books!
  • This is the time of year for illnesses and you’ve bathed yourself in hand sanitizer to no avail. Colds, random stomach bugs, and sore throats happen. Note, Sam’s Club has the best deal for $/oz depending on how big of a bathtub you use.

These are my suggestions to getting back on track.

  • Get out of the house. Seriously, go someplace else for an hour, two hours. A change of scenery is a great jump start. Especially if your a person like me looks outside and thinks, “It’s cold out there with snow and it’s dark.” Humans don’t hibernate. It sounds like a great idea but no – leave the house. It will help.
  • Set goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. Example: I got out of the house and wrote 1500 words. I’m going to reward myself with a huge latte on my way home for breaking free of Gobbler’s Knob.
  • Continue to set goals and make them gradual. Remember, writing is a mental work out. Don’t burn out by trying to accomplish too much too quickly. Failing on a lofty goal can set you back further then when you started by killing what motivation you had. Set goals you know you can succeed in.
  • Be part of a writing community whether that’s a writers group,  writer friends, bloggers, or twitter handles. It helps keep your ultimate goal in the forefront and makes it harder to push away and ignore, only to regret later when time has gone by and that lingering dream you never accomplished still remains.

I’m practicing what I preach. I’ll be spending a few days with some writers to get away from home and work on projects. I’m using this to jump start myself after winter which, wasn’t terrible long but, I really wish humans hibernated. Things would have been a lot easier if we did. For now, writing goals. I’ll work on becoming a bear in a future life.

And the awesome ladies:

Bronwyn Green

Gwendolyn Cease

Deelylah Mullin

Jessica Jarman


13 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: Organizing My Writing Life

  1. Yeah, I suppose they don’t have Groundhog’s Day in England. Wiki “Punxsutawney Phil” or watch the movie Groundhog’s Day with Bill Murray. I can’t explain the wiki article but you won’t regret the movie.


  2. I’m so glad I’m not alone on not having written a single word on my WIP yet this year. I still have over 30k to go and it’s due to the editor on March 27th. YIKES. #solidarity

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  3. As I always say to myself (many many times), can’t go back, can only move forward. The manageable and realistic goals thing…great advice and something I know I need to work on. I underestimate the other stuff in life and goal set like writing is the only thing I do (I wish). Great post, Other Jess, great freaking post (PS can’t wait to see you! HUGS)

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  4. *gasp* Humans aren’t supposed to hibernate?!? You mean I need to haul my fanny out of bed and be alive? Oh no! 😛 I so get this winter thing. Even with this spring like weather, I still want to hibernate. *sigh*

    Lovely post. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not at all joking, I ordered food through Amazon and it was delivered today. The fact that I can do this makes it *really* hard to leave. Even just to grocery shop. Given, what I ordered is not sold at my local grocery store but Amazon kept bating me with “If you buy so many more pantry items you get free shipping!” Seriously Amazon, you’re an awful influence right now.

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  5. Your cold hands comment? I totally get that. I purchased a space heater to go under my desk, and I’ve knitted some wrist warmers I wear, too.

    I am trying to not go down the Amazon Pantry hole. I am really trying. Middle uses it sometimes when she needs stuff and I’m not heading to visit anytime soon. Must. Resist.

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  6. I would so hibernate if I could. I hate cold, so I guess that’s good since it was freaking 71 today. Insane. And I love your suggestions. As someone who hasn’t written in quite a while, I am so going to take your advice. I’m going to start slow and keep going. One day at a time.


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