Random Wednesday: Risks you say?

Today’s topic is risks, what you gained or lost.

I often weigh in on whether or not I should have paid for my own site on wordpress so it would not have to say “wordpress” in the address. However, their formatting sucks a big tough log so I’m still on the fence. Risk not taken and not sure I lost much.

Because this is a blog devoted to writing (mostly) it’s worth mentioning that writing takes risks. For me, I feel the risk is extremely heavy for the most irrational reasons and a few logical ones.

I’m going to name drop Jenny Trout. I know Jenny personally. When we hug our boobs touch, all in the name of friendship. I like Jenny and Jenny is far more socially conscious than I am. To that note, I learn a lot from Jenny. She tethers me to the world outside of my own. When it comes to writing, she can clock a bullshit author from a mile away and rip any manuscript a new asshole. Not just in the name of industry but also in the name of social issues and insensitivity.

What I learned from Jenny, is you have to be aware of what you are writing. There are more risks involved outside of the words on the page. Don’t write what you think people want to read, write what motivates you to write. More so, be prepared to defend yourself if people don’t see eye to eye. It’s easier to tell the truth and accept differences than to dig yourself out of the bullshit you created.

Writing what motivates you also means you have to be honest to yourself. The best writer I’ve ever read is unpublished and writes mostly for herself, sending me bits and pieces here and there. Her name is Katie and while we don’t see each other on the regular, I’m sure our boobs would also touch in the name of friendship when we hug all the same. Katie is very open about an aspect of her life that has made her who she is and that’s the suicide of her father. Katie’s writing is passionate, dark, gritty, and highly personal. She holds nothing back. While others, including myself, might find it a risk to be that open, Katie has no problem taking those risks and it shows with her undeniable talent in bringing real emotions into her characters.

No, I’m not outing something secretive about Katie and her personal life. There is nothing to out about Katie because Katie is Katie and if you are unsure of this, Katie will tell you about Katie in the most Katie-like fashion which involves a whole lot of Katie.

Logically, I feel the risk in writing is I could expose too much of me, more so than I’m comfortable exposing. Katie is well over that fear, me – not so much. While, irrationally, I’m worried writing has the risk of making me a total failure and Jenny Trout will end up calling me out for my bullshit. That’s not a blog I want to be on.

Eventually I’ll figure out the balance, how to write what’s true to myself and something I’m comfortable with even if boundaries are pushed slightly. Right now, I can’t say I’ve gained or lost anything because, I haven’t fully taken any risks. I probably should.

Also, I’ll try to hold back on the reigns of bullshit writing….


Bronwyn Green



3 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: Risks you say?

  1. Hmmm . . . You sound a bit like me. I write on my blog hardly at all because I am afraid to take the risk. I don’t think I ever really thought about it that way. Thank you. Now Katie . . . I think I need to meet her. Talk to her. Share things. She may be of help to me too. Jennie Trout . . . totally awesome! You are so lucky to know her personally. I feel lucky just reading her blog and absorbing some of her in-your-face-tell-it-like-it-is. This whole group is pretty awesome and I have learned much about being real. Thank you.

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    1. Whether writing for yourself of writing for people to see, you need raw emotion. It’s easier when you’re writing for yourself at first, because you know what you’re writing about. No one else can take that away. Jessica once told me I wrote about my dad too much. I saw why she said it.

      I wrote about it because parts were still fresh. And because of shock value, to both the reader and me. Funny how when you put things down on paper, even if it’s part of your story, it still pulls you and owns you.

      I stopped writing much about him not too long ago. Because I read a book that helped close that chapter of my life. By closing it I mean that I didn’t need to be so abrasive about it.

      I still write. About sex abuse, hyspersexuality, arson, love, terror, BDSM, and being content. A lot of those are just parts of my story now, after coming to terms with them. They’ve turned into characters themselves.

      Most things are only shocking to other people because they cannot handle the raw emotion. Want to scare someone in and out of a story? Tell them the truth. That’s what shock value was meant to be. Raw emotion.

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