Random Wednesday: The Perfect Lazy Day

I don’t know if I have lazy days.

I have exhaustion. I am always hauling ass either at work or at home (most of the time both). Typically this leads me to pass out mid conversation with my husband as we discuss of favorite moments on the D&D podcast we listen to. Yes, we listen to podcasts during work, or while driving, and catch up on them usually over dinner because we have to set aside “date nights” to do so much as watch a movie together. And why do we have this conversations over dinner? If we have it any other time, I’m going to fall asleep.

There are also the days I dead weight it and say “I don’t want to!” This is why dryers have timed cycles to re-fluff clothes. I could fold the laundry. I can also re-fluff later. It’s the most difficult when I have a “dead weight” day at work. That project that you don’t want to work on at all but you have to because a due date is looming and you’re out of excuses on waiting for information. Yeah, I power though those days as best I can and before you know it I’m back to the above paragraph.

So, what is it like to be lazy? I haven’t the slightest. My husband and I are always on the move and our kids are the same. I can’t think of a time recently where I did something lazy. Something truly self indulgent that wouldn’t be considered taking a rest or a break. Even in the coming weeks, I have a day off the kids and my husband don’t. You know what I am going to do? Clean the fuck out of the house. I do this every year and I remember cleaning last year specifically because I fell. Hard and on my ass. I was moving bedding from upstairs to the laundry room downstairs. This is when Elsa and her polyester fabric Disney crap sheets started sliding all over the place. I stepped on a corner and thump thump thump thump all the way down the stairs.

My husbands response was, “Are you alright?” and “It’s your day off! Why are you cleaning?”

Because, when you have a busy life like we do, you take advantage of the time you have to get shit done.

Then, how do I have a lazy day? How do I make that happen? How do I have a day where I do what I want, guilt free, and self indulge more than, “Tonight, I’m totally going to play Mario Kart.”

I’m sure there will be a day in my life where I can afford lazy days to dream up what the perfect one would look like. However, at the time of this writing, any dream of mine for a lazy day is in a shoe box and buried in the backyard.

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Random Wednesday: Best and Worst – Writing Process

Let me introduce you to the Emotional Writing Process: The Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Half Time Show Theory.

At it’s worst: It’s 2005, the people you look up to are faking it for money, the one person who is actually putting in an effort is, of all people, Kid Rock, and a sudden boob appears. You feel odd, out of place, and like you’ve exposed too much. The “Justin Timberlake” of the group. You’re trying really hard but your existence in the writing world seems like an afterthought. Plus you feel the one thing people will remember you for is what can only be described as an poor judgement call.

:cough: Titty Sprinkles :cough:

I can only describe it as the worst part of the process. Not what you are actually doing – because you are trying your best and giving it all you got – but how you feel about what you how are doing. It’s the darkest moment and it can happen at any time of the process. Plotting, word smithing, editing – at some point it just feels wrong and you don’t know why.

At it’s best: It’s 2018, you’re on your own. There is no one else to measure your work up to because it’s simply you. You have a voice you enjoy writing and reading. You have the right tone, the right arc, the right words at the right time. You’re also wearing a stupid shirt and everyone is distracted with other things but hey, it’s not about that – it’s about you. It doesn’t matter how you do it. Writing doesn’t have to be a ritual that can only be done at a certain place and at a certain time. The best part of the writing process is the moment when you let go. The best part of the writing process isn’t the process, it’s you being comfortable with your ideas, your talent, your willingness to practice, your willingness to learn, and most of all – the willingness to be who you are.

I love you guys. Keep writing.

Even you Kid Rock, I guess. Even if you are wearing an American flag poncho. You do you.

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